Personnel Concepts – Harassing Phone Calls And Inflated Prices

0 is an online retailer of labor law, OSHA safety, and workplace posters. It also offers a subscription that provides continuous updates for 12 months. The laminated and unlaminated posters and annual subscription plans appear to be reasonably priced.

About Us

Personnel Concepts claims to have been established in 1989 and served more than 1 million businesses over the course of 20 years. The Contact Us page shows the mailing address 3200 E. Guasti Rd., Ste 300, Ontario, CA 91761, and the payment address PO Box 5750, Carol Stream, IL 60197.

Image: Canadian Government website

A business search via the Government of Canada ( website did not render any results for Personnel Concepts. The Illinois Secretary of State website shows the company was “involuntary dissolved” on May 1, 1999. The company was incorporated on December 18, 1995.

Image: Illinois Secretary Of State website

Not A BBB-Accredited Business

Personnel Concepts has a BBB B Rating and 1-star customer rating with 372 reviews. Most of the complaints are related to harassment. It appears, the company utilizes harassment phone tactics to boost its sales, allegedly telling customers their posters are “no longer compliant.”

Image: BBB

One customer alleged the company increased an initial quote of $20.90 to $238.54 even though he refused delivery of the posters. His account was referred to a collection agency.

Free OSHA Workplace Posters

American companies are not required to purchase OSHA or labor law posters. U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA websites have free printable, English versions. You can download, print, and laminate the posters for a few bucks, avoiding Personnel Concepts in the process.

Afterword – Personnel Concepts Scam

Personnel Concepts is no longer a registered business. A Canadian business search did not render any results for the company. So, it is and never was registered in Canada. For whatever reason, the company was dissolved in 1999. It is recommended to avoid Personnel Concepts and its illegal business practices.

Consumer protection laws are in place for this very reason. Report harassing phone calls from Personnel Concepts to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. If at all possible, record your conversations with the company. You can utilize this evidence to back up your allegations.

If you are a victim of Personnel Concepts, it is crucial to not fall for their illegal business practices again. You must ask yourself how often does OSHA and the Department of Labor update their regulations. It would appear to be very seldom.

Is Personnel Concepts a scam?

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