PhytAge Laboratories – Online Supplement Scam Operation

0 is an e-commerce supplement vendor. PhytAge Labs’ supplements support a healthy central nervous system, digestive system, oral health, prostate, and heart, according to the website.

About The Vendor

The manufacturer, PhytAge Laboratories, claims its Nerve Control 911 is produced in the United States. The face behind the supplement is Maxwell Conrad. Conrad claims the idea came when his mother began to suffer from neuropathy. He also claims Nerve Control 911 saved his mother from a limb amputation, after gabapentin was deemed ineffective.


Another website connected to Nerve Control 911 is, which describes the supplement as a “Malaysian Miracle Root”.

PhytAge Laboratories utilizes the address 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112. The address is a ShipOffers facility. This is not a physical address, instead, a virtual mailbox.

Image: ShipOffers

The vendor also utilizes the address 1732 1st Avenue #28568, New York, NY 10128. The address is a UPS facility. Again, not a physical address, but a virtual mailbox.

Image: UPS

Business Search

A business search via the Colorado Secretary of State website validates PhytAge Laboratories was registered a registered Foreign Limited Liability Company. The business filing shows the company in a “Delinquent” status. For whatever reason, PhytAge Laboratories allowed the Colorado business filing to enter the delinquent status.

Image: Colorado Secretary of State

PhytAge Labs BBB Filing

PhytAge Labs is not accredited by BBB. Its BBB rating is a “B- “. The lower BBB rating is related to 36 customer complaints in the last 3 years (7 in the last year). The customer complaints are regarding overcharges, robo emails, unauthorized credit card payments, ineffectiveness, and refund issues.

Image: BBB

Several BBB complaints claimed PhytAge Labs charged credit cards without authorization. Only one of the complaints was closed with a refund.

Image: BBB

On July 20, 2020, a complainant filed a BBB complaint against PhytAge Labs, claiming to have been charged, not once, but twice without authorization. The complainant claims to not be familiar with PhytAge Labs. Several BBB complainants made the same accusation.

Other PhytAge Laboratory supplements:

  • Tinnitus 911
  • Turbo Boost 911
  • Urgent Fungus Destroyer
  • Prostate 911
  • Internal 911
  • Joint Relief 911
  • Varicose 911
  • Urgent Liver 911
  • Urgent Cell Repair
  • Turmeric Total Boost
  • Thyroid Rescue 911
  • Testo 911
  • Phytage Plus
  • Keto-T911
  • Immunity 911
  • Heart Beat 911
  • Fast Asleep 911
  • Denti Strength
  • Clear Sound 911
  • Blood Pressure 911
  • Bladder Relief 911
  • Acid Reflux 911

PhytAge Labs also utilizes the address 12600 Hill Country Boulevard, Suite R-25, Bee Cave, Texas 78738. A business search via the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website did not render results for PhytAge Laboratories. The address is a rental office space.

Image: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Suspicious Images

The vendor utilizes the same images as other websites. One example, the “It’s a breakthrough that emancipates you…” image can be found on various websites, including Barefoot Strong Blog, Kalamazoo Podiatry, Certified Foot, Rutherford Chiropractic, NJ Foot Pain, and many more. “The true root problem of nerve pain” image is also found on other websites.

Image: UW Medicine Newsroom
Image: Google Search

Fake Consumer Endorsement

Even more disturbing is the vendor utilizes questionable endorsements, including Ruby DeLong. The image is found on in an article for Cisco Webex. Other services that utilize the same image include the Great Lakes Clinical Trials, Breast Southwest & Aesthetics, River City OBGYN, The Diamond Dental Care, and more.

Image: Google Search

The “She was nearly completely free of the pain that haunted her for years” image is a replica of an image found on UW Medicine Newsroom. The uniqueness of other images is also questionable.

Irrelevant Research

Like all unofficial supplement vendors, irrelevant research is utilized in an attempt to legitimize. The vendor utilizes several research studies from he NCBI website. Neither study is related to Nerve Control 911.

Afterword – Nerve Control 911 Scam

PhytAge Laboratories has a history of selling ineffective supplements, charging credit cards without authorization, email spamming, and refusing refunds when requested. PhytAge Labs has multiple BBB complaints, regarding unauthorized credit card charges. All the complainants claim to have not been familiar with PhytAge Labs at the time of the unauthorized charges. PhytAge Labs disputed the claims but authorized a refund without further delay. What legitimate company would issue a refund for unauthorized credit card charges without being involved?

Image: Google Search

Another complainant claimed PhytAge Labs charged her credit card for 4 bottles of Gluco Type 2, even though she only purchased one bottle. PhytAge Labs issued the customer a refund via a paper check.

Image: BBB

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