PhytAge Laboratories Tinnitus 911 – Legit Or Fake!

0 is an e-commerce supplement vendor. Tinnitus 911 by PhytAge Labs consists of natural ingredients – green tea, vitamins B12 and C, and niacin. The Tinnitus 911 formula combats tinnitus, a condition characterized by ringing in the ears.

About Us

The About Us page does not provide significant information to validate the legitimacy of Phytage Labs or its supplement. The Contact Us page does not show a physical address or phone number.

Questionable Testimonial Images

A Google Image Search shows a connection between the testimonial images and other websites. For example, the testimonial image deemed ‘Susan 55’ is an Alamy stock image – Portrait of Woman Indoors. Another example is the ‘Ronald 47’ testimonial image, which appears to have been an original Shutterstock image.

Image: Tinnitus 911
Image: Alamy

The image deemed ‘There’s Nothing At All Wrong With Your Ears” is a replica of a PV Urology image.

Image: Tinnitus 911

Domain Information

The website was registered on February 9, 2019.

Image: WhoIs

About The Manufacturer

PhytAge Laboratories, established in 2015, has a broad range of supplements:

  • Clear Sound 911
  • Denti Strength
  • Heart Beat 911
  • Immunity 911
  • Internal 911
  • Acid Reflux 911
  • Blood Pressure 911
  • Turboboost 911
  • Urgent Liver 911
  • Varicose 911

PhytAge Labs utilizes the address 12600 Hill Country Boulevard, Suite R-175, Bee Cave, Texas 78738. A Google search shows the address is a Davinci virtual office address. It also utilizes the return address 37 Inverness Dr. E, Ste 100, Englewood, CO 80112, which is connected to ‘Shipoffers,’ a virtual mail service.

Image: PhytAge Laboratories

A business search via the State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) website did not validate PhytAge Labs as a Texas-based company.

Image: Texas CPA

Not BBB-Accredited

PhytAge Labs has a B- BBB rating and 39 recent customer complaints regarding unauthorized credit card purchases, spam emails, refunds, ineffectiveness, non-deliveries, and shipping charges. Most of the BBB complaints were regarding unauthorized credit card charges for orders the customers claim they did not place.

Image: BBB

One customer claimed PhytAge Labs is utilizing stolen credit card information to place orders for consumers without their consent. In response, PhytAge never denied the allegations, providing instant refunds.

Image: BBB
Image: BBB

Afterword – Tinnitus 911 Scam

Is tinnitus 911 a scam? Is PhytAge Labs a scam? There is no registered business in Texas called PhytAge labs or PhytAge Laboratories. The official website utilizes two virtual addresses, with no physical address to be found.

Image: Google Search

PhytAge has BBB complaints dating back before 2018. The complaints are mostly related to unauthorized charges from non-customers. It is unclear how the website obtains the information utilized to place orders for consumers with no purchase history. It would be easy to ignore one or two of these complaints, but not two dozen or more.

No legitimate company would utilize images collected from various websites. Doing so makes PhytAge look very suspicious. Even the testimonial images are questionable, as they are found on other unrelated websites.

Image: Tinnitus 911
Image: Google Image Search

The website is filled to the brim with irrelevant content in an attempt to convince visitors to place orders before exiting. It is a common practice among e-commerce supplement vendors to utilize data collected from studies. This data has nothing whatsoever to do with Tinnitus 911.

Nayzayerz cannot legally comment on the effectiveness of PhytAge Labs supplements.

To eliminate the vast majority of scam supplement websites, more FDA regulations are a necessity. Until the FDA starts to regulate nutritional supplements, these scam sites will continue operating as usual.

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