PLR Hustle – Sells PLRs To e-Books Available For Free Download On Amazon

0 is a platform that bridges the gap between e-book authors and consumers. The platform brings digital goods sellers and buyers together. But, this is no ordinary e-commerce website, as it allows consumers to purchase Private Label Rights (PLR) to do with as they please.

Image: PLR Hustle

About Us

There is no About Us page. The content does not provide relevant information about the website. The only contact information available is a support email.

PLR Hustle Store

A Google Image search reveals the e-book cover images have been utilized over and over again. Whether the content is the same is another question since we do not have access to the download.

Image: Forbes
Image: Google Search

The same images appear on Forbes, CNN, Gustancho, US Allied Financial, and Successful Black Parenting. If the images are the same, it is likely the content is as well.

Image: Google Search

The e-book “The Ultimate Wholesale Vendors List – 3000+ Top Vendors is available on Amazon. The PLR Hustle price is $109, the Amazon price is absolutely free with KindleUnlimited. The same cover image is utilized for various e-books, including “The Best Hair Vendors on Aliexpress”; “Bundle Boss Volume 2 – An Exclusive Hair Vendor List”; “Wholesale Clothing Vendors”; and “Start That Business NOW!”

Image: Amazon

The “Organic Gardening Tips” e-book is available for free download on various websites. PLR Hustle is charging $6.99 for the download.

Image: Google Search

Domain Information

The website was registered on May 9, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

The website is not registered or accredited by BBB.

Afterword – PLR Hustle Scam

Is PLR Hustle a scam? With no evidence to validate the legitimacy of the website, it difficult to say. But, it sure does appear to be a scam. The e-books and/or e-book covers are definitely not unique to HLR Hustle.

The webmaster probably got it right, this is probably a hustle (fraud). Do not purchase these e-books. You will never be able to resell them because many of them are available for free download on various websites, including Amazon.

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