POLAIRE AC – Legit Or Scam


POLAIRE claims to have a “best-seller evaporative air cooler.” The energy-efficient unit consumes between 7.5 and 12.5 watts of power and has a decibel rating between 25 and 50. Along with cooling, POLAIRE AC humidifies and purifies.

This is not a traditional a/c unit that relies on freon to cool. Instead, it is a more environmental-free a/c that utilizes regular tap or distilled water. Installation is as easy as plugging into a USB port.

The company claims the cooling capacity of its portable ac is limited to “personal space.”


Now, comes the fun part. Is the POLAIRE AC legit or a scam? Let’s start off by saying that this is a legit cooling device. But, that is about as far as it goes.

Why American consumers continue to get caught up in the AliExpress scam is beyond me. A 5-minute search delivered similar units with different brand labels.

Several similar units are available from various sellers on AliExpress.

One particular unit is labeled Air Cooler Mini Air Conditioner. This unit is sold by Shop5782604 Store for $20.08. Another unit deemed Air Cooler Arctic Air is sold by Shop5578013 Store. The price of this brand is between $34.64 and $41.49.


Both stores have already earned negative feedback from former customers.

The POLAIRE AC has a price tag of $89, which is significantly higher than both of its competitors.

It is easier to determine if a particular brand is legit by doing a Facebook search. If the brand has an active Facebook page, it could be legit. But, sometimes this is not enough to make the determination.

After further research, NayZayerz found a similar unit on the one-and-only Amazon website. This is unit has been branded ZuhauseNICE Personal Air Conditioner.

With the introduction of AliExpress, thousands of unbranded and branded Chinese-made products have entered the American market. Thousands of other similar products have entered the U.S. market via other online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay.

When you shop at AliExpress, you should know what you are getting. Pretty much the same thing goes for eBay. But, Amazon is supposed to be held to a higher standard. There are currently thousands of products with various replicas available through the online marketplace.

If you believe these products are genuine, you better think again. Why do you think Nike removed its products from the Amazon Marketplace? Because the company is allowing FBA and other third-party sellers to peddle fake Nike products to American consumers for lower or the same prices as the real deal.

Amazon has opened up a door for fake Chinese-based products. Please, do your research before buying any name-brand product from Amazon or any other online marketplace for that matter.

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