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Policeauctions.com is an online auction platform. The website claims to deal in items from closeouts and liquidations. All auctions start at $1 with no reserve. There are two membership options – basic and upgraded. The basic package is free with a few restrictions. The upgraded package costs $7.95 per month or $39.95 per year but offers unlimited access to all categories.

Image: PoliceAuctions
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About Us

Serrf Corp, formerly known as Vortal Group, owns and operates the website. PoliceAuctions is not government-affiliated. The address 3182 Pullman St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 is associated with the Vortal Group, according to the WhitePages.

Image: California Secretary of State

A business search via the California Secretary of State website validates Serrf Corp being an active domestic stock corporation. The company registered with the state of California on October 26, 1999.

BBB-Accredited Busines,

The website is accredited by the BBB. It has a 1-star customer review with an A+ BBB rating. The customer complaints are related to false advertising, overvalued auctions, knockoffs, and low-quality auctions.

Image: BBB

Several complaints alleged the website was auctioning off low-quality, overpriced jewelry. Another customer questioned the A+ BBB rating, “WHY DO THEY HAVE AN A+ RATING??

Domain Information

The website was registered on March 18, 1999.

Image: WhoIs

Vortal Group – Ripoff Report

A Ripoff Report complaint claims to have won a “Landoux Watch” in an auction for $1,000. After several appraisals, the watch was determined to be worth less than $100. The bidder later discovered there was no such brand as Landoux. The website has several Yelp complaints as well.

Image: Ripoff report

Afterword – Policeauctionscom scam

The company disputes the negative feedback on the Internet. This is unprofessional business practices. Companies like Amazon and Comcast have loads of BBB complaints and negative feedback, which is more often ignored than addressed.

The company does not stand by its product descriptions. But, claims to offer a “full refund” for wrong descriptions. It recommends basing bid decisions on product descriptions, not product images because they are probably inaccurate.

It also admits to not posting negative feedback on its website. Instead, all negative feedback is handled as “customer support requests.”

Why the company utilizes the domain “policeacutions.com” is questionable. Only a few if any of the items are police-confiscates. If you compare the auction items to those on Alibaba and AliExpress, you will find nearly the same products. There are only a few slight differences. For example, the Decree JPNQuartz Watch is auctioning at $31, a very similar watch is available on Alibaba for $2.10.

Image: PoliceAuctions.com
Image: Alibaba

If you read the fine lines, you will find several complaints regarding look-a-looks. This is proof PoliceAuctions is listing products that are mass-produced. Whether they are from China or the United States, the products are nowhere being worth what they are being sold for on the auction site.

If you find something you like on the website, conduct an Alibaba or AliExpress search. You will find nearly the same item for a small fraction of the PoliceAuctions win price.

Is PoliceAuctions a scam? While the website is owned and operated by a registered California company, many of the auction items are Alibaba and AliExpress look-a-likes. The company admits to utilizing inaccurate product descriptions and images to describe its auctions. This alone is enough to draw a red flag.

Just because Serrf Corp is a real company does not mean the auction items are genuine. If the auction products were relevant to the domain name, they would be unique and police-confiscated. But, they are nothing more than Alibaba look-a-likes. Don’t take Nayzyerz’ word for it, conduct your own research.

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