Prestige Alliance Limited TVFix Caster – Does Not Work As Guaranteed

0 is an e-commerce site that promotes the TVFix Caster. The space-saving device connects directly to the TV via an HDMI port. TVFix acts as a gateway between the streaming apps stored on a smartphone and TV, according to the vendor.


No Cable Subscription Required

The vendor claims its TVFix Caster works without a subscription for a cable or satellite TV service. Sync the device to your smartphone and enjoy endless videos on your television, according to the vendor.

About The Vendor

The vendor, Prestige Alliance Limited, utilizes the address 48 Bi-State Plaza, #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675. A Google search connects the website to a FedEx ShipCenter. Other websites – BuzzBGone, Air Compressor USA, Koretrak, and SpectroSeal – also utilize the address.

Image: FedEx

A business search via the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services did not render results for Prestige Alliance Limited.

Image: New Jersey Division of Revenue And Enterprise

Domain Information

The website was registered on September 4, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

TVFix Caster is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

1.3-Star Trustpilot Rating

TVFix Caster has a 1.3-star Trustpilot rating. The low customer rating is linked to complaints regarding false advertising, poor quality, compatibility issues, unauthorized shipping charges, and a fake business ddress.

Image: Trustpilot

A review posted on the Trustpilot platform on June 9, 2021, claimed TVFix Caster was incompatible with Samsung TV models. The customer returned the device for what was thought to be a full refund. The vendor deducted $9.85 for shipping from the customer’s refund. The customer also claimed to have filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

Image: Trustpilot

Afterword – TVFix Caster A Scam? TVFix A Scam

Prestige Alliance Limited is not a legitimate company. The provided address is a virtual FedEx ShipCenter mailbox. The vendor claims its TVFix allows consumers to stream paid TV services – HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, and Starz – without cable or satellite.

Image: Trustpilot

The kicker is, TVFix does not work unless you have paid subscriptions to the above streaming services. The device appears to work by permitting the user to stream paid services from a smartphone to a TV. For example, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you should be able to sync videos to your TV from your smartphone with TVFix.

The vendor claims its TVFix is compatible with “all” TV brands and models. However, multiple Trustpilot reviews claim it is not compatible with Samsung models. The vendor also claims the picture quality is superb, but as you can see in the Trustpilot complaints, the picture quality is poor.

The description is deceptive for the fact, the vendor is claiming its TVFix does not require a paid cable membership. This may be true to some degree, but it is a useless device unless you are a subscriber of the top streaming services.

So, do not assume this device will magically give you access to paid streaming services or permit you to “cut the cord” with your cable service provider.

Last, but not least, Prestige Alliance shares the same address with the BuzzBGone vendor. It is possible the two vendors are one and the same. These are not American vendors, otherwise, they would have physical New Jersey addresses. They are most likely based in India or China.

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