ProDentim Oral Probiotics – A ClickBank Supplement

supplement scams

Image: is an e-commerce store for ProDentim, a probiotic supplement.

About ProDentim

The website doesn’t provide significant information about the vendor. However, it does claim ProDentim is a ClickBank supplement. The vendor provides its products through the ClickBank marketplace.

supplement scams

It is fairly safe for consumers to purchase products from ClickBank affiliates. The company handles all transactions, including payments and refunds. While generous with payments, ClickBank is notorious for making refunds complicated, according to BBB reviews.

ClickBank supplement vendors aren’t genuine pharmaceutical companies. They are either resellers, affiliates of manufacturers, or average people.

Unrelated Research

ClickBank affiliates conduct research on their supplements. This doesn’t stop them from utilizing unrelated research. ProDentim, for example, utilizes unrelated studies available at Healthline, As the Dentist, Experience Life, DOI, and the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

Copyrighted Images

The vendor utilizes copyrighted materials, including the “New Scientific Discovery” photo. The image is from the Kids First Dental site. The true owner is unclear, as it is utilized by a handful of other websites.

Supplement scams
supplement scams
Image: Kids First Dental Columbus

The customer review images don’t appear to be copyrighted.

Manufactured In The US

The vendor claims to make ProDentim in an American-based manufacturing facility. With no physical address, it is impossible to validate the claim.

Paid Advertisement

Consumers will probably never find this review since the vendor has invested in paid reviews and ads.

Not BBB-Accredited

ProDentim is not registered with the BBB.


Afterword – ProDentim Reviews

ProDentim Scam! Is ProDentim a scam? There is no evidence of a scam. The supplement is promoted through ClickBank. It is crucial to research ClickBank before buying from their affiliates. Consumers have rated ClickBank 1.63 out of 5 stars. Over the past year, 132 BBB complaints have been filed against ClickBank.

ClickBank affiliates have a history of scamming consumers by utilizing fake tracking numbers, charging credit cards without authorization, and shipping empty boxes.

ClickBank will ban fraudulent vendors, but not until they have time to scam several customers. Customers may need to file a BBB complaint to get ClickBank’s attention.

Why ClickBank permits its affiliates to utilizes copyrighted materials and unrelated research studies is questionable. Save yourself the grief and buy from a legitimate health food store.

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