QuadAir Drone –An Alibaba Replica


Quadairdrone.com is an e-commerce website. The QuadAir Drone features a foldable design, 720PHD camera, and smart technology, according to the official website.

About The Vendor

There is no About Us Page. The Contact Us page provides the return address 11551 E 45th Ave., Unit C, Denver, CO 80239. A Google search connects the address to a logistics facility QuickBox Fulfillment.

Image: Quadairdrone.com
Image: BBB

Suspicious Images

The vendor utilizes review images that are found on various websites under different names. For example, the image utilized for “Paul Archer,” founder of DronesGator. The same image is found on Simple Plan It (simpleplanit.com) and Power Connections INC (powerconnectionsinc.com).

Image: Quadairdrone.com

DronesGator (dronesgator.com) was founded by Paul Posea, which utilizes a different image. Posea claims to review drones via his website and YouTube channel. Posea’s reviews do not include the QuadAir Drone.

Image: Simpleplanit.com

It is unclear if the vendor is trying to deceive consumers by creating a fake DronesGator QuadAir Drone review, utilizing a different name, Paul Archer.

Image: Dronesgator.com

Alibaba Replica

QuadAir Drone has an Alibaba replica, which is priced at $1.76 to $15.84 per unit. The QuadAir Drone is priced at $99 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling per unit. Both drones are exactly the same.

Image: Quadairdrone.com
Image: Alibaba

Not Accredited By BBB

QuadAir Drone is not BBB-accredited. It does not have a BBB filing.

Afterword – QuadAir Drone Scam

Is QuadAir Drone a scam? There is no evidence to back up this theory. However, it does appear the vendor is an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. The return address is a QuickBox Fulfillment center, which is a logistics facility utilized by many Alibaba dropshippers.

Since a shipping fulfillment center is utilized for returns, it is likely the vendor is not in the United States, but in China or India.

Also, the same drone is available via Alibaba for a small fraction of the QuadAir Drone price. This is another red flag.

Paying $99 for the QuadAir Drone is overpaying because the Alibaba replica is a quarter of the price.

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