Quality Performance Limited EqualPlus Reading Glasses – Fake Or Legit?


Buyequalplus.com is an online reading glasses vendor. EqualPlus Adjustable Reading Glasses are available without a prescription. The glasses are integrated with dials to adjust magnification from low to high, according to the website.

Image: Buyequalplus.com

About The Vendor

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page shows the vendor as Quality Performance Limited at 377 Valley Rd., #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013. A business search via the New Jersey Division of Revenue did not render results for Quality Performance Limited.

A Google search connects the Clifton, New Jersey address to a PostNet logistics facility.

A business search via the Delaware Department of State Division of Corporations shows a domestic filing for Quality Performance Limited. It is unclear if the filing is linked to EqualPlus.

Image: Delaware Division of Revenue

Not BBB-Accredited

Quality Performance Limited has a BBB filing, with an “F” rating. The BBB filing has an alert, regarding delivery delays and no customer service. BBB recommends customers file a dispute with their credit card companies.

Image: BBB

Quality Performance Limited is linked to various websites:

  • Support.buyheatcore.com
  • Gettrifiboost.com (TriFiBoost)
  • Perropal.com (PerroPal)
  • Qualityperformance.global
  • Qualitytrendtech.com
  • Getblastauxilliary.com
  • Blastauxiliary.com (Blast Auxiliary)
  • NatureSpa
  • Yourkoretrak.com (KoreTrak)
  • Rangextd.com (RangeXTD)
Image: BBB

DFY Daily

Equal Plus Glasses are also available through DFY Daily (dfydaily.com). The website is operated by Thinknix Enterprises Limited at 1286 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92103. A Google search connects the address to a FedEx ShipCenter virtual mailbox.

Image: FedEx

Thinknix Enterprises has a 1-star Bizapedia rating.

Image: Bizapedia

Alibaba Replica

EqualPlus Reading Glasses is priced at $78 per unit. An Alibaba replica is priced at $2.20 per unit.

Image: Buyequalplus.com

Another e-commerce vendor is selling the same glasses under the brand Proper Vision Dial Vision Adjustable Glasses. The price for the Dial Vision is $59. Dial Vision has a 1.5-star Pissed Consumer rating. The low rating is linked to ineffective, poor quality glasses, poor packaging, non-deliveries, and refusal to stand by Refund Policy.

Image: Alibaba

Dial-vision.properfocus.store is the official website. The “Get ProperVision 50% Off & With Free Shipping” feature redirects to another website Hyperztech.com. Submit the order form and be redirected to Buyequalplus.com.

Image: Dial Vision Proper Vision
Image: Pissed Consumer

Afterword – Is EqualPlus A Scam?

Quality Performance Limited has a year-long history of being a scam service. A Google search connects the vendor to a broad range of scams. The address is a shipping center, PostNet, according to Yelp. A legitimate company would utilize its real address.

Image: BBB

The Delaware domestic corporation filing for Quality Performance Limited may or may not be linked to EqualPlus. Even if Quality Performance Limited is registered as a domestic corporation in Delaware does not make it a good company.

According to the BBB filing, Quality Performance has several customer complaints, regarding non-existent customer support and non-deliveries. BBB is recommending customers impacted by Quality Performance file a complaint with their credit card. The BBB alert alone should be enough to discourage consumers from doing business with Quality Performance Limited.

Several vendors are selling the same magnification reading glasses. The EqualPlus price is $89, the Proper Vision Dial Vision price is $59, and Alibaba is $2.20. All vendors are selling what appears to be the same reading glasses. The significantly higher price tag is a scam within itself. This could explain the poor quality customer complaints.

Both Proper Vision and Quality Performance Limited are most likely Alibaba/AliExpress dropshippers. All Quality Performance products are Alibaba replicas.

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