QuickChargePro Charger – Upcharge Of 3800% Alibaba

QuickCharge Pro scam

Image: WhoIs

Quickchargepro.com is an e-commerce site promoting the QuickChargePro 3.0 smartphone charger.

  • Quickcharge-pro.com
  • Buyquickchargepro.com
  • Buyquickcharge.com
  • Quickcharge-pro.org

More About QuickCharge Pro Phone Charger

The website doesn’t have an About Up page. The Contact Us page provides only a return address, 11551 E 45th Ave, Unit C, Denver, CO 80239. The address is the QuickBox Fulfillment, a shipping fulfillment center.

QuickCharge Pro Scam
Image: Quickchargepro.com

A business search via the Colorado Secretary of State’s website didn’t validate QuickBoxPro as a registered company.

QuickCharge Pro scam
Image: Quickbox Fulfillment

Domain Information

The domain was registered on July 7, 2021. The registrant’s name is marked private.

QuickCharge Pro scam
Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

QuickChargePro is not registered with or accredited by BBB.

Paid Reviews

There are no legitimate customer reviews, only paid reviews and press releases.

Alibaba Replica

QuickChargePro is a look-a-like of a cheap USB charger available at Alibaba. The QuickCharge Pro USB Wall Adapter is priced at $38 plus an additional $7.95 for shipping. The Alibaba knockoff is $0.95 plus $7.16 for shipping to the US.

QuickCharge Pro Scam
Image: QuickChargePro.com

Consumers pay around 3800% more for the QuickCharge Pro Wall Charger.

QuickCharge Pro scam
Image: Alibaba

Quickcharge-pro.com – Questionable Image

The website claims the author is a Pennsylvania resident named John. The image is utilized by a broad range of websites, including:

  • Bericap
  • KBHS Home Loans
  • Premiere Eye Doctors
  • Ashtoria
  • HelloVisionist
  • Hallock Law
  • Partner Media

It’s possible the image is in the public domain.

QuickCharge Pro Scam
Image: QuickChargePro
QuickCharge Pro Scam
Image: Google Image Search


Afterword – QuickCharge Pro Scam (QuickChargePro Scam)

Is QuickCharge Pro a scam? There is no sign of a scam. However, there are signs that point to the vendor being a potential Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. The vendor utilizes a third-party shipping fulfillment center to handle returns, which is typical of foreign dropshippers.

Colorado Secretary of State doesn’t have a business filing for the vendor.

The author’s image is likely not authentic as it’s utilized by various websites.

It’s obvious the QuickChargePro Fast USB Charger isn’t worth $38, when the same or virtually the same product is priced less than a $1 on Alibaba.

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