Radvcr.com is an e-commerce VCR vendor. The Rad VCR features HDMI and S-video ports, Hi-Fi stereo, and DVD recorder.

Image: Rad VCR

About Us

The About Us page does not provide significant information that could be utilized to validate the legitimacy of the vendor. The Contact Us page shows the physical address 15770 El Camino Real, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. A Google search shows the address as not being registered. The search rendered results for 15470, 15779, and 16179, not 15770. The area appears to be residential, in close proximity to the Lomas Santa Fe Executive Gold Course and San Dieguito County Park.

California Business Search

A business search via the California Secretary of State website did not render results for Rad VCR.

Image: California SOS
Image California Secretary Of State

Domain Information

The website was registered on January 29, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Rad VCR is not accredited by or registered with the BBB.

Facebook Page

The Rad VCR Facebook page has 2,189 followers. The website is operated by Stormlight LLC, according to the Facebook page. A business search via the California Secretary of State website rendered results for Stormlight Advisory LLC at 1440 23rd St., Unit 317, Santa Monica, CA 90404. The business was registered on January 2, 2020, according to the filing.

A Linkedin filing showed Stormlight Advisory as being owned and operated by Daniel Batista. Stormlight Advisory provides startup and disruptive business advice. The company has minimal online visibility, no Facebook page only featured on Linkedin.

Image: Facebook

Google Image Search

A Google Image Search for the Rad VCR rendered various results, including an eBay listing for the SANYO FWZV475F DVD Recorder. The SANYO VCR is priced at $699.99 while the Rad VCR is priced significantly lower at $249.99.

Image: eBay

Afterword – Rad VCR Scam

Is Rad VCR a scam? There is not enough information to determine the legitimacy of Rad VCR. However, several red flags need answers. For example, the Facebook page claims Rad VCR is owned by Stormlight LLC. A business search did not render results for Stormlight LLC but did render a registration for Stormlight Advisory LLC, which is a business advisory service. The two are probably not connected because it just wouldn’t make sense for an advisory service to sell a DVD player.

Image: Google Image Search

Another red flag is the strange Google Image Search results – an eBay listing for the SANYO FWZV475F DVD.

Stormlight LLC, Rad VCR, and Stormlight Advisory LLC are not accredited by BBB.

Image: Facebook

Last, but not least, the unregistered address is suspicious as well.

35 thoughts on “Rad VC – Real Or Scam!

  1. The given phone number is a Nebraska, USA phone number… 402 973 1879 They do answer with “Hello, thank you for calling RAD VCR” but I would still be leery of them. If their ad says they live in CA and their phone number is NE (I know the area code, as it has been my area code for the last 6 yrs) there’s something fishy.

    1. This is not a Nebraska company. It is nothing more than scam artists based in India. India and China do not hold their people accountable for their fraudulent activities. We need more public awareness by mainstream media, FTC, and SEC. These scams are everywhere, hard to avoid, if you do not know what to look for. Thanks for sharing!


  2. SCAM!!!! These are internet thieves. They stole my $250. After 3 months of more lies and stalling – with promises the money would be refunded, I reported them to the FBI Internet Commerce Fraud Division. I suggest you do the same so they accumulate a file on the scam artists and go after them.

    1. It is crucial to take immediate action. This is not a company, but a ground of thieves based in India. It still may be possible to file a BBB complaint and get their attention. If you Google Rad VC BBB, you will probably find other customer complaints. The FTC needs to step up to the plate. PayPal refuses to do anything, which is surprising. Never purchase from unofficial websites. The same products are available on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Alibaba. Amazon will be your safest option, eBay does not care about buyers or sellers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Asked for a refund three weeks ago as it’s been 12 weeks since I ordered one! Promised money back in 8 to 10 business days! No refund and no answer when I email them! Got my bank involved now as I paid with debit card. They must be a big time scam! Don’t buy! You won’t receive!

    1. Good for you, at least you didn’t quit until you got your money back. There are tons of these scams online. Never buy from an unofficial website without validating the vendor first. We recommend doing a product comparison because most of these scam artists are dropshipping from Alibaba. Be sure to share your story with other consumers. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I did order a unit from RADVCR back in february, it’s now almost 4 months and not had any delivery. I requested a refund and never got an answer from them. TOTAL SCAMMERS! I doubt the credit card Co can do anything to help.

    1. You are probably not going to receive your order. These scammers do everything to stall consumers until the refund guarantee is expired. Sorry to hear about your loss. Never purchase from an unofficial website. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I ordered a unit and now regret it. I have disputed the charges with my credit card. RADVCR is fighting my dispute. I cancelled my order as I have not received a unit. I have just filled in the dispute rebuttal claim forms to the card with copies of my email(s) cancelling the order. I’m retired, I can keep at it until I am refunded.

  6. It looks like i am one of the ones that fell for this scam. I will ask amex if there is anything they can do on there end..

  7. They got me also. Filed a dispute with my bank and the BBB. Same story – Ordered in April, demanded a refund first of June and still nothing. Sad…

  8. Filed a dispute with AMEX today and they suspended the charge and will launch their own investigation.

  9. Crap. I feel like an idiot now. I normally do research before I order, but looks like I was scammed as well. I ordered back in 4/16/21 was told 6 to 8 weeks. 2 months later I called, they said it was coming soon. Now here 3 months later, got “joseph” on their chat line again, and then I called them again. They answered again, but this time the lady told me she had no access to their ordering system. I honestly really just want this product, but it looks like I’m out the $200 + dollars. I just today disputed the charge with my back, but it’s probably too late. Feeling rotten…

    1. Sounds like the scam artists are trying to delay a chargeback. Once the money-back guarantee period is expired, your hands are tied. There are loads of these scams online. To avoid them, never buy from an unofficial website without a BBB validation. We also recommend a business search, if at all possible. Thanks for sharing!

  10. vhsrecorder.com is also registered to “Stormlight LLC”.
    I ordered a recorder device back in May for $110 and have had email ping-pong with their support ever since. Stalling tactics and playing the “deliveries affected by COVID” card etc.
    I’m going to ask them for a refund now, and when that obviously fails I’ll hit PayPal’s Resolution Centre.

    Interestingly, my browser’s Norton Safe Web icon shows a red exclamation icon when I visit the vhsrecorder.com site … I should’ve been more cautious.

    1. Glad to hear you’ve already taken action. You have 180 days on PayPal. The delays are minimal due to COVID-19 now so they’re just trying to drag it out. That way you’ll either never get it or you’ll get something horrible and won’t have time to complain.

      Thanks for letting us know about Stormlight LLC. It is always best to check their physical address to confirm they have an actual store somewhere. Most of these use dead, fake addresses that go to nothing. Always check BBB. You can leave a complaint on BBB too and that will sometimes help.

      If PayPal doesn’t help, file a BBB against them. You never know with these big companies but PayPal helps most of the time. Good luck.

    2. I order one as well end of March and I got 3 to 4 weeks onthere delivery delay heard for a month just this month it’s in transit I’m to get it on the 30th of July wich is today andi call them yesterday found out it to me deliver next week . Today I got a email stating they keep me posted on wen it to be sent out I call them yesterday herring a bunch of stores I called them a scam and they hung up on me try to call all I got was them hanging up and letting it ring its been 5 months I got burnt and I know I’m not get my money back sorry to say that’s bullshit.

      1. Most likely will not arrive. Go ahead and file a chargeback with your credit card before it is too late. The delay is a ploy to avoid a chargeback. If you fail to take action now, you will lose your entire investment. And, the scam artists will keep all of your money. Also, file a BBB complaint against RAD VC, this usually gets their attention. Good luck, keep us updated.

  11. I thought it was a gamble when I ordered it, but I tried anyway. I may have been one of their earliest customers, because I couldn’t find any negative information about them yet. They led me on until it was too late to dispute the credit card charge. I took a gamble, and I lost.

    1. Consumers have 180 days to file PayPal complaint and much less time to file credit card chargebacks. Never buy from online vendors unless they have a legitimate and positive BBB filing.

  12. They are scammers. I been pranking them 24hours a day.. I got their facebook page taken down. Youtube must get a cut of profits cause they don’t take it down! I warned people since day 1 it was a scam! I found out another number they use. (818-330-1025) they called me at 4 a.m. from that number cause i was pranking them on their other line. Fbi and bbb won’t do anything either. How did they buy a phone number in the u.s.? Where do you buy phone numbers from? Whoever bought that phone number has to have a name.. I’m trying to shut it down myself…got to be a way..

    1. Government agencies ignore these scams. Consumers need to band together to bring more awareness to the thousands of online scams. Consumers are losing thousands of dollars because they refuse to research. Never buy from an unofficial website without research. These scam artists are promoting Alibaba junk, increasing the original price drastically. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I ordered VCR/DVR combo in Apr, 2021. Since it didn’t come by May 25, I started calls and email 2X each month. Same story…. it’s on back-order. Then I was told that I would get an email with a tracking number…… but it never came. Reported to Ohio Atty Gen (my state) and NE Atty Gen, since phone number is in NE. Notified my CC company. /// Called RADVCR today. Got an automated answer, selling Medicare, auto, life, and health ins. Option #! is for Medicare. Talked to a live person who hung up when I asked the name of the company. Tried this 4 times an each time, the person hung up on me. DEFINITELY a scam. /// This wouldn’t happen in China because the Chinese Gov’t would hunt them down and eliminate them.

    1. Totally agree, but many of these scam artists are from India. The FTC and SEC need to step up to the plate. These scam artists are making thousands defrauding unaware American consumers. No public awareness, no website-banning, no PayPal account being banned, no retribution, no nothing. Thanks for sharing your story.

  14. These guys are a 100% scam. Why does the FBI and law enforcement allow their site to stay up? You can still send them money right now, it’s crazy.

    Never got my product, their phone number doesn’t get answered anymore either. They don’t refund your money.

    1. Good question, no one wants to be held responsible for shuttering thousands of scam sites like RAD VC. If you paid with your credit card, it is possible to get a refund via a chargeback. You can also file a BBB complaint. Most e-commerce stores are not willing to risk an unresolved BBB complaint even though they are nothing more than a scam. Thanks for sharing your story!

  15. I bought a Magnavox combo VHS/DVD recorder from Walmart 10 years ago for $195.00 and it even came with a digital TV tuner. My Magnavox combo recorder still works today. This Rad combo recorder does not have a TV tuner. You would have to connect a cable or satellite converter box to it to record TV channels. My advice is do not order anything from Rad.

  16. Has anybody ordered from vcrplayerstore? I’m starting to feel like it’s the same.. the same combo bar and converter for $189… days it’s a family business in Texas and that one person is there to chat live, it never responds… I’m afraid I fell for same scam…? It says copyrighted 2022 but has comments from 2021… I hope it’s not a scam.

    1. Haven’t had time to check this one out just yet, but I’ll get to it next and see what I can find. I looked at it briefly and didn’t see a physical address of any kind which is concerning. If they haven’t sent you anything about shipping or a tracking number, you likely still have time to file a complaint before they do.

      Will create a more elaborate post on this soon. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Hope it all works out for you!

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