Retirement Architecture –A Lengthy Process That Asks For Your Personal Information

0 is operated by Live.2.100, Inc. The website is part of the “Blueprinting Network” which is designed to help consumers create “retirement blueprints” specific for their needs and preferences.

The founder and CEO is Brett T. Saso.

Live.2.100, Inc.

Live.2.100 is a Domestic Business Corporation located at 158 Vineyard Ave., Highland, New York 12528. The company has been a registered-New York business since May 18, 2011, according to the NYS Department of State website.

Image: New York Department Of State Website

Not A BBB-Accredited Business

Retirement Architecture, Live.2.100, or are not accredited by BBB. In fact, they are not even listed on the BBB website.


Live.2.100 is a legit company but there is little to no information to determine how well its website works. The company claims to run a commercial of Fox Business, Fox News Channel, and HTTV. A Google search did not render any evidence to back up this claim. The Facebook page for Retirement Architecture has 531 followers but posts are few and far between with minimal likes and comments.

The first step of the process requires a name, email address, and phone number. The second step asks for your physical address, from here you are required to answer questions regarding your “retirement dream.” Even though the company claims to not ask for personal information, to receive a “free” Retirement Blueprint, you have to provide your name, address, age, phone number, gross income, and monthly budget. Plus, you have to go in-depth about your retirement plans, monthly budget before and after retirement, and retirement pension.

The entire process from beginning to end is quite lengthy. You decide if it is worth the effort. The company claims to not sell information it collects on its website. But, what is the company doing with all the data it collects from consumers?

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