Rhino Guard – Alibaba Dropshipper Inflating Prices Of EcoTune Fuel Saver


Ecotune.luxestone.com, an e-commerce store. EcoTune is an Electric Control Unit “ECU” that helps motorists minimize their vehicle’s fuel consumption, according to the website.

Image: Ecotune.luxestone.com

About The Vendor

The vendor of EcoTune is Rhino Guard LLC at 24A Trolley Square, Ste 1306, Wilmington, DE 19806. A Google Maps search connects the address to a FedEx ShipCenter or virtual mailbox.

Image: EcoTune.Luxestone.com
Image: FedEx

A business search via the Delaware Department of State: Division of Corporations did not validate EcoTune an LLC. The search did not render an LLC filing for EcoTune or Luxestone.

Image: Delaware Department of State Division Of Corporations

Alibaba Replica

EcoTune is a replica of the ECO OBD2 Green Chip Tuner Box Fuel Saver. EcoTune is priced at $39.98 per unit, compared to the ECO OBD Fuel Saver at $2.89 per unit. This is a $37.09 difference between the two devices.

Image: Ecotune.luxestone.com

The EFFUEL ECOOBD2 Plug is another replica of the ECO OBD2 Green Chip Tuner Box Fuel Saver.

Image: Alibaba

The price is the same as the EcoTune $39.98 and $37.09 higher than the Alibaba replica.

Image: GlobeNewsWire

Domain Information

The domain was registered on August 18, 2006, according to WhoIs.

Not Accredited By BBB

EcoTune, Luxestone, or Rhino Guard is BBB-accredited or registered with BBB.

Afterword – EcoTune Scam

Is EcoTune a scam? There is no evidence to support any scam claims. However, the vendor is utilizing a FedEx ShipCenter virtual mailbox, not a physical address. Rhino Guard is not a Delaware-registered business, according to a business search via the Delaware Division of Corporations.

EcoTune is not accredited by or registered with BBB. Online visibility is limited to paid advertisement.

As far as the price goes, the $39.98 is significantly higher than the Alibaba replica. A real company would not create a product, utilizing the exact same design. If Rhino Guard is a legitimate company, it may have copyrighted the ECO OBD2 Green Chip Tuner design.

It is more plausible Rhino Guard is an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper.

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  1. Hello, My question is I live in Washington, D.C.. In Washington, D.C., all vehicles register in Washington, D.C. have to go through inspection where they do an emissions test. They plug a device into the obd2 port where I have my Eco Tune plugged in. When my eco tune is unplugged for them to do the emission test, and plugged back into the obd2 port after the test is completed, will it still be communicating with my vehicle.

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