Seeds From China – Agricultural Smuggling Scheme

Image: Washington State Department of Agriculture
Image: USDA

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a warning on July 24, 2020, regarding “unsolicited seeds.” The agency announced that several Utah and Virginia residents had reported receiving “unsolicited seeds” from China.

The recipients claimed they weren’t expecting to receive the seeds, which arrived in small sealed plastic bags. The parcels were gray plastic shipping bags bearing the recipient’s names and addresses. The parcels were marked “jewelry” but contained seeds.

Seeds From China Scam

The agency is warning that the seeds may contain diseases and pose harm to livestock. Anyone receiving such packages should not open them but contact the USDA immediately. The parcels should be stored in a safe place until you receive instructions from the USDA. They may be required for testing, according to the announcement.

Seeds From China Snopes! Brushing Scam China Seeds!

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