Settledownes – Inflated Prices For AliExpress Replicas

0 is an e-commerce fashion vendor. The Settledownes collection includes casual pants and dresses.

Image: Settledownes

About The Vendor

The About Us and Contact Us pages do not provide significant information that could be utilized for validation purposes. The content provides the address 3D, Donghao Building, Zhangkeng Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District Shenzhen. A Google search connects the address to Dailylifees, Adequatees, and Vhioo.

Domain Information

The website was registered on February 19, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Extended Delivery Time

The Shipping Policy shows extended delivery times in the United States. Normally, orders take between three and five weeks. Orders are delayed up to 45 delays due to COVID-19.

Image: Settledownes

AliExpress Replicas

The Settledownes collection is not unique, as the same products are available at AliExpress. For example, Settledownes Casual Solid Lace Up Pockets Pants is $59,99, the AliExpress price is $13.75.

Image: AliExpress

Facebook Page

The Facebook page, established on March 1, 2021, shows the address 401, NO 61, Pingzhong Rd, PIDI Distr, Shenzhen. A Google search did not render results for the website. The address does not appear to be legitimate.

Image: Facebook

A Facebook user claims Settledownes-GO is a fraudulent website. T. Flanagen posted on April 27, 2021, “yet another Facebook scam page running scam ads for swings and more than they do not have to…”

Not Accredited By BBB-Accredited

Settledownes is not BBB-accredited. The website is not even registered with BBB.

Afterword – Scam

Is Settledownes-GO a scam? There is no enough evidence to back up this theory. The website and Facebook page utilize addresses that are not legitimate.

Since the website is only a few months old, there has not been enough time to build online visibility. However, a Facebook post calls Sundownes a fraud. It is unclear if the person responsible for the post was scammed by Settledownes.

The vendor is most likely an Alibaba or AliExpress dropshipper. The extended delivery date is questionable. Why such a long delay in delivery? If the vendor was based in America, shipping times would only be decreased significantly. Even with the longer USPS shipping times, American consumers are receiving their Amazon and Walmart orders in less than three days, in most cases.

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