Shine Armor – Buy At Your Own Risk

0 is an online retailer of a water-based ceramic coating spray. The product works on rims, leather, chrome, and bumpers. Each kit costs $19.99 with free shipping in the continental U.S. For an additional $9.99, you will receive a second kit.

The website claims to provide a list of ingredients for its Shine Armor Spray. But, when you click on the Ingredients link, it takes you to a copy of the Senate Bill No. 258.

Return Policy

The Return Policy claims the customer has 60 days of the initial purchase to request a full return.

About Us

The website does not have About Us or Contact Us pages. However, it does utilize three different phone numbers – (888) 358-6336, (800) 348-5567, and (402) 780-1427. The website also utilizes the address 6100 Philips HWY, Unit 2, Jacksonville, FL 32216.

Image: Florida Department of State Sun Biz website

A business search via the Florida Department of State website did not render any results for Shine Armor. The phone number (402) 780-1427 is a “Non-Fixed VoIP” that belongs to Google Voice or Skype.

Image: WhitePages

Domain Information

The website was registered on September 16, 2019, via a proxy.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited – F BBB Rating

Shine Armor is not accredited by the BBB. However, it has racked up quite a few BBB complaints over the past few months. The complaints are related to ineffectiveness, non-deliveries, and low-quality. The website has resolved 16 complaints in the last year.

Afterword – Shine Armor Scam

The website claims to have collected more than 10,000 5-star customer reviews since it was established. This is not even remotely possible because the website is not even a year old. Most of these websites tend to purchase from Alibaba. They have the products repackaged and rebranded to make them their own.

Is Shine Armor a scam? There isn’t enough evidence to make this determination. However, a review of the website’s many BBB customer complaints draws a lot of red flags. If the website was legit, why would it utilize a Skype or Google Voice number for customer service?

So what, Shine Armor was featured in a press release. Able Look Online also utilized press releases to announce its products. It is crucial to note Facebook, Amazon, and Facebook ads do not make a website legit. These companies are only looking out for themselves, not American consumers.

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