Shopify Store Manpestore – Legit Or Alibaba Dropshipper

0 is a Shopify e-commerce store. The Manpestore product line is comprised of women’s dresses.

About The Vendor

The vendor utilizes the email,, and physical address 1408 Hibiscus Lane, Laredo, Texas 78041. Google Maps validate the address is a residential property. A Google search connects the email address to Manpestore, there is no other information available.


Not BBB-Accredited

Manpestore is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

Domain Information

A domain search via WhoIs does not validate the legitimacy of, which is to be expected since it is a subdomain and hosted by

Shopify Privacy Policy

Shopify accepts no responsibility in helping consumers validate the legitimacy of websites utilizing their e-commerce platform. According to the Shopify community, the company is attempting to create loopholes that will let it off the hook when consumers get scammed by fraudulent Shopify stores. This is unfortunate for consumers because they cannot with a good conscious shop at Shopify stores without concerns of becoming victims of fraud.

Image: Shopify

Here is just one example, Ryan contacted Shopify, regarding the legitimacy of a Shopify store. Shopify Guru Angela’s response sums it up. In the statement, Angela said Shopify’s Privacy Policy prohibits the validation of e-commerce stores utilizing the Shopify platform.

Image: Shopify

How Shopify Recommends Customers Get A Refund From A Fraudulent Shopify Store?

A Shopify Guru responded to a customer who claimed to have never received an order placed through a Shopify store. The customer claimed the order was placed 6 months prior. The Guru responded, stating it can take up to 30 days for some Shopify affiliates to process shipping. It is obvious the affiliate had no intention of shipping the order, it had been 6 months. Credit card companies have a chargeback deadline, which is probably about 2 weeks, not 30 days.

Image: Shopify

The Guru suggests the customer file a chargeback, as the bank is “the best resource at getting your money back”. This is Shopify’s way of not taking responsibility for its fraudulent affiliate stores. However, the Guru claimed the chargeback would initiate an “internal review” by Shopify.

Shopify 1.08-Star Customer Rating

Shopify has a 1.08-star BBB customer rating and A+ BBB rating, thanks to a paid accreditation. 297 customers have filed BBB complaints against Shopify in the past three years. The complaints are regarding unauthorized credit card charges, delivery issues, seller fraud, and unexplained shutdown of Shopify stores.

Image: BBB

Alibaba Replica

The Manpestore women’s dress collection is not so unique. The same dresses are available through Amazon and AliExpress third-party sellers. For example, the Women’s Dress Long Sleeve V-Neck Flowy Mini Skirt, priced at $65, is available at Alibaba for $10.46 and Amazon for $32.99.

Image: AliExpress
Image: Amazon

Afterword – Manpestore Scam

Is Manpestore a scam? There is no way to validate a Shopify affiliate. The company refuses to provide consumers with validation of Shopify stores. This leaves consumers with no other option but to shop at their own risk or avoid altogether.

Manpestore utilizes a residential address, which may or may not be a red flag. It is not unusual for some people to run e-commerce businesses from their homes.

Manpestore is promoting Alibaba replicas. The vendor is most likely utilizing services, such as Alibaba, AliExpress, or Amazon to dropship. It is not bad enough, Manpestore is promoting third-party products, but is artificially inflating its prices.

If Shopify bans its affiliates for promoting copyrighted products, Manpestore should not be permitted to remain in operation.

Manpestore is yet to receive its first legitimate customer review/rating. When customers receive their Alibaba replicas, they will most likely be terribly dissatisfied. Anyone familiar with Alibaba affiliates and their clothing knows the quality is lacking in more ways than one.

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