SignalTech, AirJoi, Bluvys, And GlowBirds – Rebranded Alibaba Replicas


Bazaar Innovations is an online Wi-Fi booster vendor. The SignalTech Wireless Extender increases both the Wi-Fi range and speed up to 300Mbps, according to the website.

Image: SignalTech

Contact Us is owned and operated by Bazaar Innovations at 162 Rancho Santa Fe Road E70, #495, Encinitas, CA 92024. A business search through the California Secretary of State website validates Bazaar Innovations as an active California-based LLC.

Image: California Secretary of State Website

The company registered as an LLC on May 14, 2019.

The physical address is utilized by several online vendors, including GlowBirds, Bluvys, and AirJoi, all of which are the property of Bazaar Innovations. Loopnet advertises the property as an “office space”.

Accredited By BBB

Bazaar Innovations is BBB-accredited with an A- rating. The company has closed two customer complaints regarding telemarketing business practices and incorrect product delivery. Both complaints were resolved in a timely manner.

Image: BBB

Amazon 3-Star Customer Rating

The SignalTech Wi-Fi Range Extender is also sold on the Amazon Marketplace. The product has a 3-star customer rating, 36% of which are 1-star reviews associated with a difficult installation process, ineffectiveness, $15-restocking fee, and the inability to password-protect.

Alibaba Look-A-Like

Here, we have another unofficial website promoting a product that is nearly an Alibaba replica. The SignalTech WiFi Booster is being sold at $39.95 per unit plus tax. The Alibaba replica is available for $6.25 per unit. If you compare the two units side-by-side, the only noticeable difference is the logo. One bears the SignalTech brand logo while the other bears a generic logo.

Image: Alibaba

Afterword – SignalTech Booster Scam

Is the SignalTech Booster a scam? Let’s start off by saying Bazaar Innovations is a California-registered LLC. A Google search of the company’s products shows them all to be Alibaba replicas, all of which are sold at a significant markup. For example, the AliJoi Charcoal Odor Eliminator is priced at $39.95 for three units, the Alibaba replica is being sold for $0.65 per unit.

Image: AirJoi Bazaar Innovations
Image: Alibaba

The Bluvys Blue Light Glasses are priced at $39.95 per unit while the Alibaba replica is available for $1.45 per unit. Last, but not least, the GlowBirds Facial Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush is being sold for $39.95 per unit while the Alibaba replica is priced at $0.10 per two units.

Image: GlowBirds Bazaar Innovations
Image: Alibaba

Now, you decide if this is a scam. But, before you do, ask yourself is it a coincidence all Bazaar Innovations’ products are Alibaba replicas. Chinese manufacturers utilize Alibaba to peddle their goods to global consumers, hoping to snag a few affiliates, such as Bazaar Innovations, along the way.

These Chinese manufacturers give their affiliates the authorization to rebrand their products utilizing their unique brand logos. Is this legal? Well, it probably is in China. In America, online vendors would not get by it.

The affiliate websites are selling the rebranded products at a 400 percent or higher markup. For example, an affiliate pays $1.50 for a product, has it rebranded, and resells it for $6, resulting in a 400 percent markup. Is this fair business practices? Well, no one with any significance is saying otherwise.

Image: Bluvys Bazaar Innovations
Image: Alibaba

In addition to the 400 percent profit, the affiliate has nothing to do with the shipping and handling process. Whether they are peddling their goods on eBay, Amazon, or unofficial websites, the affiliates are excluded from the shipping process.

While Bazaar Innovations is registered in the State of California, it is unclear if it is based in California. There is no evidence to say others. These unofficial websites utilize addresses to vacate office spaces, industrial warehouses, UPS mailboxes, and virtual addresses to make themselves look legitimate.

At least, Bazaar Innovations appears to be honoring its guarantee of a refund upon return. However, you can expect to have 15 percent plus shipping deducted from your refund. You may get 75 percent of your money back if you are lucky.

Our corrupt politicians are permitting these illegal activities to take place right under their noses. American and European consumers need to band together to bring awareness to Chinese product rebranding, which is contributing to the death of American and European industries.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Shopify, eBay, and other entities are complicit in the sale of these so-called “white label goods.”

Save yourself the grief and a lot of money by buying directly from Alibaba. If you purchased the SignalTech Booster for $39.95 plus tax, you could have saved about $30 by purchasing the Alibaba replica.

Until YOU stop buying from these Chinese-affiliate websites, they will continue to grow richer and more powerful. Just imagine how much money is exiting the vulnerable American and European economies, heading straight for the never-so-powerful Chinese economy. We need to support our companies first before we start helping international companies.

2 thoughts on “SignalTech, AirJoi, Bluvys, And GlowBirds – Rebranded Alibaba Replicas

  1. Why do you recommend buy directly from Alibaba? That’s a Chinese company. By the way, give us some info about yourself. What’s in it for you to write these reviews?

    1. LOL! I don’t benefit at all by recommending Alibaba to an unofficial website. It is only in the customer’s best interest because the 150% markup becomes the customer’s responsibility. If you purchase from Alibaba, you will most likely get a full refund. Even if you do take a loss, the damage will be about $100 less. All of these unofficial websites are profiting by 150 percent or more. Regardless of which option you choose, if you get the item, it will be Chinese-manufactured junk. I don’t recommend buying anything that is manufactured in China. However, some of these products have great ideas behind them, but poor execution, resulting in nothing more than a piece of junk. Also, I recommend Amazon and eBay to Alibaba and AliExpress. We wouldn’t shop on either of these websites. We believe in supporting American manufacturing, not international manufacturing. Why pay the 150 percent markup when the same product is available on Amazon and eBay. Any more questions? By the way, you sound like you are offended, are you affiliated with these scam websites? Thanks for the IP address.

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