Sonix Pest Repeller Scam? Something To Buy Or Something To Avoid?


With summer in full swing, Americans are dealing with an influx of pests when relaxing in their backyards. This can be very problematic and it’ll ruin your sanctuary. So, you may decide to head online and purchase a product such as the Sonix Pest Repeller. Before doing so, you should learn more about the Sonix Pest Repeller and Sharp Communications LTD. Below, we’ll delve deeper into these entities and their products.

sonix pest repeller scam

About The Sonix Pest Repeller

First, it is important to learn more about the Sonix Pest Repeller which can be purchased at By checking out the site’s return policy, we can find that it is owned by Sharp Communications LTD which claims to be a Hong Kong Limited Company. There is allegedly a company by the same name in Auckland, New Zealand. It specialists in structured cabling infrastructure.

There is also a company registered using that name in the United Kingdom. In Hong Kong, Sharp Communication Limited was registered on June 8, 2018. By checking out Global Sources, we can find that Hong Kong Sharp Communications supplies car DVD systems. It is supposedly managed by Mr. Liu Nicholas.

sonix pest repeller alibaba
Same product on Alibaba

The Sonix Pest Repeller

The site’s primary product is the Sonix Pest Repeller. According to the website, this product is designed to repel vermin. The site says that this product is easy to use, poison free, and safe for children and pets. It says that the revolutionary device emits an ultra-high frequency sound that may be devastating to the nervous system of vermin. The sound allegedly causes pests to clear the area.

While it sounds promising, identical replicas can be found on Alibaba and they’re significantly cheaper. On Alibaba, we can see that the same products are being sold for a little more than 50 cents. That makes it impossible to justify paying more than $20 apiece for the Sonix Pest Repeller. The product isn’t worth it considering you can get the same product for 50 cents.


The Restocking Fee

When you receive bad products, you expect to receive a convenient refund. With Sonix, this may not happen. The return policy says that “Returned items that are not defective may be charged a restocking fee of up to 15% of the retail value of each product and shipping will not be refunded.”

This means that the risks of purchasing this product are even higher. If you want to avoid contacting the FTC, BBB, PayPal, and your credit card company in hopes of getting a refund, it is best to avoid these products.

The money back guarantee is nonexistent.



Sonix doesn’t have a lot of reviews or complaints on its Better Business Bureau page. It has one complaint and nothing else. The BBB complaint was filed on 7/14/2020. It says that the money back guarantee is not worth the paper it is printed on. Linda returned the product at her expense and she still hadn’t received a refund.

She tried contacting Sonix three ways and never got a response. As a result, she had disputed a charge with her credit card company. If you buy a pest repeller from Sonix, you’ll likely have to do the same.


Is The Sonix Pest Repeller A Scam?

Ultimately, the Sonix Pest Repeller is but isn’t a scam. Does it work? We doubt it. However, it surely isn’t worth $20 or more since the same product can be purchased on Alibaba for 50 cents. Furthermore, the owner of the website has proven that they are not going to offer good support. If the site owner doesn’t provide convenient and quick warranties, they’re not worth the headache.

You’ll want to stay away from Sonix. It isn’t worth it because you’re going to run into a lot of troubles eventually. We cannot recommend them.

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  1. I guess some think it is a scam so I won’t comment on that However I did purchase them to get rid of ants and yes I was not convinced that they would work. We were overrun with the little bastards and would have tried anything. I placed one in each of our bathrooms and one in the kitchen. But we are pleasantly surprised ,after 6 months we have not seen any ants in our hose since. They do work on ants and I recommend them, beets the hell out of having out home sprayed every week and they just come right back.

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