Spore Focus Performance – Spore Life Sciences – Legit Or Fake!

Trysporelifesciences.com is an online supplement vendor. The Spore Focus Performance boosts cognitive functions (memory and focus) and energy, according to the vendor website. Other Spore supplements include Mike’s Mushroom Mix, Protect + Defend, Energy Performance, and Chill Out.

Spore Focus Performance Ingredients

The Spore Focus Performance formula consists of ashwagandha, cordyceps, Ginkgo Biloba, and lion’s mane.

Image: trysporelifesciences.com

Made In USA

The vendor “Spore Life Sciences INC claims its supplement is manufactured in the United States, Philadelphia, to be exact. According to the vendor, the official website is licensed in Canada and Europe.

Image: trysporelifesciences.com

About The Vendor

The vendor claims to be located at 181 Bay Street, #1800, Toronto, Ontario M5J2T3 Canada. A Google search links the address to Aird & Berlis LLP. When you enter the company’s official website, an email fraud alert immediately pops up on the screen. The alert claims scam emails were sent to consumers from Aird & Berlis. The alert claims the emails were unrelated to the company.

Image: Aird & Berlis

The correct address is 181 Bay Street, Suite 1800, Toronto, Canada M5J 2T9. Aird & Berlis provides business and legal advice to Canadian companies.

Image: trysporelifesciences.com

Suspicious Images

The first image on the website home page of a man of East Indian descent is also utilized by other websites, including the Times of India. The gentleman appears to be the face of the International Institute of Information Technology Bangladesh (IITB).

Image: trysporelifesciences.com
Image: India Times

Business Search

A business search via Canada’s Business Registries validated Spore Life Sciences as an active Ontario business corporation. The business filing was filed on June 16, 2020.

Image: Canada’s Business Registries

Spore Life Sciences

Sporelifesciences.com is the official website of Spore Focus Performance, not trysporelifesciences.com. The official website provides the address 850 New Burton Road, #201, Dover, DE 19904, and phone number (844) 357-4039. A Google search connects the address to Cogency Global INC, a registered agent designated to accept legal documents handle documents for businesses.

Image: sporelifesciences.com

Sporelifesciences.com Domain

The domain was registered on May 29, 2020. trysporelifesciences.com was registered on October 15, 2020.

Image: sporelifesciences.com

Not BBB-Accredited

Spore Live Sciences is not registered with or accredited by BBB.

Afterword – Spore Focus Performance Scam

Is Spore Focus Performance a scam? Spore Life Sciences is an Ontario business corporation, according to Canada’s Business Registries. What appears to be the official website “sporelifesciences.com” utilizes the physical address of a registered agent, which is odd. Experts do not recommend companies to utilize their registered agent’s address.

It is unclear if trysporelifesciences.com is connected to Spore Live Sciences. The website utilizes the address of Canadian Aird & Berlis. The email scam alert on the website may very well be connected to trysporelifesciences.com. The homepage image is utilized by the Bangladesh Institute of Information Technology in Bogra. Why would a legitimate supplement manufacturer utilize an image that belongs to a private polytechnic institute? The image is not found on sporelifesciences.com.

The Spore Life Sciences Facebook page utilizes 850 New Burton Road address and sporelifesciences.com. There is no mention of the other website or address. Since the address is that of a registered agent, it is possible the company is a foreign corporation, not actually located in the United States or Canada.

Image: Facebook

The websites do not appear to have any negative reviews.

Be cautious when purchasing from either website. The vendor needs to provide consumers with its physical address, regardless of the location. Continue to conduct research because something new may pop up at any time.

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4 thoughts on “Spore Focus Performance – Spore Life Sciences – Legit Or Fake!”

  1. Thank you for investigating this product deeply down to all these conflicting things about it. I could have never found this information. I would have had to use my desire for such a product verses my gut feeling.

    1. LOL, at least you are being honest. There is not enough evidence to validate the legitimacy or purity of these products. Scam vendors claim their supplements are manufactured in a FDA-approved facility in the US, which is most likely a fallacy. The FDA needs to regulate supplements, instead, they continue to ignore them until someone gets sick or dies. FDA ignored Jack3D (pre-workout) until a 29-year-old trainer died. The death was contributed to Jack3D. Who knows if Jack3D was the true contributor, most likely long-time steroid use. But, FDA capitalized on the opportunity to take down a supplement vendor. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Unfortunately I went with my desire just not sure I find going to take it or not yet when it arrives 🤦‍♀️ I paid $7.91 I believe for the sample which is 30 pills /days. I will definitely be sure to come back in comment with an update! Much love ❤

      1. At least this was not a costly mistake. You learned your lesson, but do not give up so easily. File BBB, PissedConsumer, and RipOff report complaints. Good Luck!

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