SterilizekPro – Over-Priced Alibaba Wireless Sterilizer Replica

2 is an e-commerce vendor of the SterilizekPro, a handheld sterilization tool. The unit works by sterilizing tap water prior to an application. The design is very similar to a traditional spray bottle with the exception of an electric cable.

Image: Sterilizek

The Sterilizek utilizes Steam Nanotechnology to remove contaminants from tap water. The capacity is 500 milliliters to minimize the number of refills during each use.

The onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers up to four hours of runtime with each full charge.

Image: Sterilizek


The SterilizekPro is priced at $159.95, which includes a 40 percent discount. Save an additional $30 when buying two units and $160 when buying six units.

Refund Policy

Sterilizek refuses to take responsibility for undelivered orders. Additional shipping costs will be imposed on return to sender parcels.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. The Customer Support page shows the address 1200 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131 and phone number (800) 426-2042.

The physical address is an office-condo rental space in the financial district, according to LoopNet.

A business search via the Florida Secretary of State website shows an “Inactive” status for Steriltek Inc. It is unclear if this Steriltek is affiliated with the website There are no other Florida business filings for Steriltek Inc.

Image: Florida Secretary Of State

Steriltek LLC was a California-registered business until its filing was forfeited after 22 years of operation, according to Bizapedia. A business search via the California SOS website shows Steriltek Inc was a “Foreign” Delaware business until its status was forfeited.

Image: California Secretary of State

There is also a Bizapedia business listing for Steriltek Inc, which shows the company registered in the State of Arizona. A business search via the Arizona Secretary of State website did not render results for Steriltek.

Image: Arizona Secretary Of State

The only thing you can believe about Bizapedia is it is not a BBB-accredited website. It does have a B-BBB rating with loads of complaints. Unsure what resources the website utilizes to maintain its business directory, but its database needs a major overhaul.

Image: Bizapedia

Not Accredited By BBB

Steriltek Inc or are not BBB-accredited. The website is not even registered with BBB.

Domain Information

The website was registered on July 30, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Afterword – Sterilizek Scam is most likely not a legit business. There is no evidence to link the website to Steriltek. A price comparison of the SterilizekPro and Alibaba Look-A-Likes shows a significant price difference of about $130.

Image: Alibaba

It appears there are two versions of the Sterilizek sterilizer spray gun, both of which are available on Amazon, Alibaba, and AliExpress for a significantly lower price. For example, the Fujian Shing Technology Co Handheld Disinfection Sprayer Machine is priced at $17.73, compared to the $159.96 SterilizekPro.

Image: Alibaba

It is recommended to only shop on official websites, is not one of them. The legitimacy of the website is unquestionable, but he extraordinarily higher price is a red flag.

It is crucial to do research on these unofficial websites and their products before an initial purchase. Research of similar products via the Amazon Marketplace did not offer positive results. For example, the HealingHands Atomizer II, which is a replica of the SterilizekPro, has a 1-star rating. However, the ZCY Nano Steam Spray Gun, which is also a SterilizekPro replica, has a 4.6 customer rating. Researching a little deeper, there are no customer reviews to support the 4.6-rating. Why leave the fake product rating and remove the fake customer reviews, just does not make sense.

Image: Amazon Marketplace

Another not so big shocker, the same product on Amazon is priced at $69, which is triple the Alababa price.

Amazon announced earlier this year, it was going to take a harsher stance on fake customer reviews and ratings. Unfortunately, there is no visible improvement, as it is still riddled with fake product reviews and ratings. If the aforementioned missing customer reviews and untouched customer rating is an example of what is to come with Amazon’s marketplace, it would be best to no longer utilize it as a reliable research source.

Most of the unofficial websites are advertising overpriced Alibaba knockoffs. With so many of them advertising through Google AdSense, Amazon, and Facebook, it is impossible for consumers to avoid them.

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  1. I brought this healthy lifestyle Sterilizek-valentilation Nano Blue Light atormizer and I used it only twice and it bubbles out the fluid. Please email me back to let me know if it will be replace or not. Thank you! Shirlene Armstrong

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