Stickr – Mobile Advertisement That Doesn’t Pay Off

0 is a website that pays motorists to turn their vehicles into mobile billboards. For $20 per month, businesses receive a mobile advertisement on any make or mobile in any location. For an additional $5 per month, the advertisement will be installed on all makes and models newer than 2015. For $35 per month, businesses can choose the mobile advertisement location.

Stickr Location does not have About Us or Contact Us pages. However, the website does provide the physical address, 3753 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89169. A business search via SilverFlume, Nevada’s Business Portal rendered No records found on Stickr.

Image: SilverFlume Nevada Business Portal

The address provided appears to be rental office space, with meeting rooms, an on-site gym, and coffee bar. An address search via WhitePages revealed three current residents, of which none belong to stickr.

Domain Search

The website was registered on August 2, 2018. The search revealed the registrant contact as Panama.

Image: WhoIs

BBB Rating

The website has a 3-star out of 286 customer reviews. The Ripoff Report categorizes Stickr as an “advertising scam.” The website has endless negative reviews on Ripoff Report. One particular review alleged Stickr charges drivers $9.99 per month until decal installation has been verified. The reviewer claimed to have $1.74 for a month of mobile advertisement.

Image: Ripoff Report

The Facebook page for the website also has a lot of complaints. Some of the complaints called Stickr “a joke” another member called it a “rip off.” Another Facebook member says “don’t join.” It also looks like Stickr is removing some of the comments, as they have been filtered out.

Image: BBB Scam

There is not enough evidence to determine if Stickr is legit or fake. According to a SilverFlume business search, it is not a business located in Nevada. There is not About Us or Contact Us page, only an address and phone number. The address is an office rental building. A WhitePages reverse address search did not render any evidence that validates Stickr’s physical location.

Stickr Scam

The WhoIs domain check provided little to no information about the website. The website has a ton of complaints on BBB and Ripoff Report, as well as its own Facebook page. If you check out these complaints in advance, you may find Stickr’s mobile advertisement offers are not worth your time.

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