Strong Current Enterprises Blaux In Home – BBB Non-Delivery Alert

0 is an e-commerce store, specializing in the Blaux In Home, an air purifier. Other websites associated with Blaux include:

  • com
  • io
  • com
  • shop

About The Vendor

The vendor is Strong Current Enterprises Limited in Hong Kong. The Contact Us page provides the physical address 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. A Google search connects the address to various e-commerce stores:

  • Cavalier Essentials
  • Mobile Klean
  • Oshenwatch
  • RangeXTD
  • AirKold
  • Blaux Wearable AirCooler
  • Neck Breeze
  • Blaux Portable AC
  • Arctic Air
  • Swell Gadget Finds
  • LiveWave Antenna

A business search via the Hong Kong ICRIS Companies Registry Cyber Search Centre validated Strong Current Enterprises as a private company limited by shares in Hong Kong.

Image: Hong Kong ICRIS Companies Registry Cyber Center

Domain Information

The website was registered on March 3, 2020, to Strong Current Enterprises Limited. The filing utilizes the address Dept 706, 19-21 Crawford Street, London, W1H 1PJ. According to Bloomberg, the address belongs to Imarketing Advantage LTD. The address is also utilized by Infosoftplus LTD, Knowledge Un LTD, Doc&Co LTD, Cronus Marketing LTD, I-Net Networks Limited, TVBuddy Caster, and Onma.

Image: WhoIs

A business search via the UK Companies House “Decran International Investments LTD” website validated Strong Current Enterprises was dissolved on May 25, 2021, via voluntary strike-off.

Image: UK Companies House

Shipping Fee For Replacement

The vendor penalizes customers $10 for replacements, according to the Shipping Policy. When a replacement request is processed, Strong Current Enterprises imposes a $10 fee for shipping. It is unclear if the $10-penality applies to all replacements, even if the initial order was damaged.


The vendor is associated with the website, which is owned and operated by Thinknix Enterprises Limited at 1286 University Ave., #1019, San Diego, CA 92103. Thinknix Enterprises is registered as a Delaware business.

Image: Bizapedia

DFY Daily lists most or all Blaux products. Thinknix has a 1-star Bizapedia rating, associated with non-deliveries, defective products, and refund denials. A Google search connects the Thinknix Enterprises’ address to a FedEx shipping facility.

Image: FedEx
  • QB Kraftz Baby Aliens
  • MaserMi Mini Laser Projector Purple
  • MirrorCast Media Screen Mirroring
  • TVFix Screen Caster
  • RaptorVR Headset and RaptorVR Controller

Not BBB-Accredited

Strong Current Enterprises is not accredited by BBB. The BBB filing shows an “F” rating and 1.03-star customer rating, with 62 customer complaints. BBB has issued an alert, regarding non-deliveries. BBB claims Strong Current Enterprises may be DBA Swell eComm Enterprises LLC ( and Product Source LLC.

Image: BBB

The 62 BBB customer complaints were related to non-deliveries, refund denials, poor quality products, fake customer support, and false advertising.

Image: BBB

Afterword – Is Blaux In Home A Scam?

Is Strong Current Enterprise a scam? Strong Current Enterprises is a legitimate Hong Kong company. However, there is no evidence linking Blaux with the company. The London business filing shows the company was dissolved voluntarily.

Image: Bloomberg

The 60+ BBB customer complaints, many of which are still unresolved, should be enough to entice consumers to avoid Strong Current Enterprise like the plague.

Image: BBB

Strong Current Enterprise being a Hong Kong-based manufacturer supports the allegations of poor quality, defective Blaux products. It also answers the question, why is Strong Current Enterprise still in operation.

Image: Amazon

Strong Current Enterprise online visibility is limited to BBB filings and paid reviews.

It is not recommended to do business with Hong Kong businesses online. Returns are impossible, unless the customer is willing to cover the return shipping fees. Do not forget the Shipping Policy $10-return shipping fee for replacement units.

Be sure to check out Blaux InHome Ionizer on Amazon. The Amazon customer reviews are mixed, with some fakes.

There is no proof, Strong Current Enterprises is a dropshipper. But, the vendor’s non-delivery, refund refusal history is similar to that of AliExpress/Alibaba dropshippers.

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