SUKEOA Offering Drastically Reduced Prices On PS5 – Scam Or Legit!

0 is an e-commerce store. The SUKEOA selection includes the Microsoft Xbox Series S, Sony PlayStation 5, and unbranded jewelry and attire.


About The Vendor

The vendor claims to be a company at 1660 Willow Grove Lane, Lincoln, California 95648. A Google search connects the address to a residential community, not a commercial property. The company was established in 2016, according to the About Us page.

Image: Google Search

Domain Information

The website was established on July 12, 2021. The registrant is Erik Wooton, with Ideal Garden Maintenance, at 1660 Willow Grove Lane.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

SUKEOA is not registered with or accredited by the BBB.

PayPal Accountholder

The PayPal accountholder is A Google search did not render results for the vendor.

Image: PayPal

California SOS Business Search

A business search via the California Secretary of State website did not validate SUKEOA as a legitimate business.

Image: California Secretary Of State

Unrealistically Low Prices

As thousands of American consumers are waiting patiently for their opportunity to snatch up a PS5, online merchants, such as SUKEOA claims to be offering the console at $79.99. As much as you would love to buy the Sony PlayStation 5 for your child, this is not the one. The console is going for nearly $1,000 on HSN, Walmart, QVC, and even higher on other online stores.

Afterword – Is SUKEOA A Scam?

There is no evidence to validate the website as a scam. However, the significantly reduced PS5 price is a major red flag for all consumers. BBB issued an alert, warning consumers about fake PlayStation 5 deals online. This definitely appears to be one of these scams. Again, there is no evidence to connect SUKEOA to a scam.

The selection of jewelry and attire is probably a front to make the website look legit. A Google Image Search shows several online vendors selling the same products. ODXSAY, ZASIRP, Glimmer and Gloss, and Style Your Curves are just a few examples.

Shipping for most orders is $9.95, even for a tiny pair of earrings.

The merchant utilizes a residential address, a red flag. The name on the PayPal account could not be linked to any other scam.

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