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By now, every American consumer has seen My Pillow commercial. Michael J. Lindell established the My Pillow Company in 2009. Nine years later, Lindell reported sales of approximately $43 million.

Another pillow that is drawing some attention as of late is the Sleep Sutera Memory Foam Pillow. The unique design delivers comfort, stability, support, according to the website.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us does not provide any significant details, such as phone number or physical address, that can help validate the legitimacy of the website.

Image: Amazon

The website does not guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. It does accept returns but a 15% restocking fee may be applied to non-defective returns. If the pillow is determined to be non-defective, Sutera also has the right to deduct the shipping fees out of your refund. When you combine the shipping cost and 15% of the retail price, you could lose nearly half of your investment.


Each Sutera Pillow will set you back $60.33 including shipping. Keep in mind, Sutera does not offer 100% customer satisfaction. A 15% restocking fee in this case is $9.05. An additional $4.99 may be imposed for shipping fees.

Image: Sutera Return Policy

The same pillow is available on Alibaba for $6.98 and $5.80 plus shipping, which is calculated at the time of purchase. It is also on AliExpress for about $23. On Amazon, the same pillow is being sold under the name-brand MARNUR for $38.39.

Image: Alibaba

Domain Information was registered on October 2, 2019, to an entity or individual in California.

Image: SilverFlume Nevaga Government

Nevada Business Search

A business search via the Nevada SilverFlume website did not render results for Sutera. The Facebook page for Sutera also does not provide any significant details other than the establishment date October 2, 2019.

Image: Facebook

However, there are more than a few Facebook members complaining about non-deliveries. One member claimed she was overcharged nearly $120.

Image: Alibaba

BBB 1-Star Rating

BBB shows Sutera location as 7390 Eastgate Rd Ste 130, Henderson, NV 89011. A Google search shows the same address connected to multiple websites, including,, and There are way too many to mention them all.

Image: Sleep Sutera

Afterword – Sutera Pillow Scam

There is not enough evidence to determine if Sutera is a legitimate website. However, it does not disclose any significant business information, which is enough to say it is probably not legit. The negative Facebook and 1-star BBB rating should be enough to entice you to not buy anything from Sutera.

If you want one of these pillows, purchase it from Amazon where it is available for a fraction of the Sutera price. And, if you want to save more money, you can always buy it from AliExpress or Alibaba.

7 thoughts on “Sutera Pillow – 1-Star BBB Rating Website

  1. Return postage for one pillow is $49.13. Got this figure from Sutera’s customer support. Then they charge a 15% restocking fee, even though they say they can’t resell it. I only paid $57.79 to begin with!

    1. It doesn’t matter that the products are garbage either. Sad that they likely paid a tenth of that for those pillows on Alibaba and sold them at a massively inflated priced. Better to just file a chargeback or PayPal complaint because you did not receive what you expected.

    1. We don’t think the pillow can be returned for a full refund. But, you may be able to get a partial- or full-refund by filing a “not as described” complaint against Sutera. If you paid with your credit card, you should be able to get a refund. However, the website claims to withhold the shipping plus a restocking fee, which means you may end up with $10 if you are lucky. So, it probably would not be worth your effort.

  2. I would never buy anything from someone (Lindell) who is known for conspiracy theories and blatant lies. which seems apparent from all I see here. The sutera is listed on his website. Did buy something else from another company

    1. I seem to think you are confused. Lindell is not associated with the Suture Pillow. I think you are talking about the My Pillow, which does belong to Lindell.

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