The Blaux Portable AC Scam – Another Alibaba Dropshipped Scam

blaux portable ac scam

Blaux Portable AC

Summer is finally here so consumers are scrambling to find ways to keep their homes comfortable and cool. Your home’s HVAC system may not be enough, you may want to save money, or you might want personalized cooling. If so, you might be interested in purchasing a small fan or cooling system such as the Blaux Portable AC. This week, the “company” published a press release with PR Newswire so it could introduce its new portable air conditioner to Americans.

You may be excited to hand over your money so you can take advantage of the “rapid cooling benefits” of the Blaux Portable AC. Don’t. Before doing so, you should second guess that decision because this product may be another drop shipped scam brought to you by Alibaba and AliExpress.

blaux portable ac scam
Blaux Portable AC

Introducing The Blaux Portable AC

First and foremost, you’ll want to learn about the Blaux Portable AC. As the name implies, it is a portable “air conditioner” that can be installed anywhere. The device apparently uses ice to generate cold air. It is compact and lightweight. According to the company’s website, they have sold thousands despite only launching their product a few days ago.

The Blaux AC is in such high demand that the official website has resorted to offering a special 50% discount. When preparing to check out, you can now pre-order the portable air conditioner and you can choose from various packages. One portable AC will run you $124.99 while 4 will cost $343.72 with the discount. Without the discount, you’re paying $192.29 for one and $769.17 for four. What a great deal, right?

Not so fast.

ez cool breeze ac
EZ Cool Breeze AC is identical

The Alternatives

Before buying any product, it is a good idea to compare it with the alternatives. With the Blaux Portable AC, there are plenty of them and you’ll find that they’re one and the same. First, you have the EZ Cool Breeze Portable AC. Both portable air conditioners look identical. You can see that there are minor, if any, real differences between the two.

As we’ve learned before, this likely means that the products are bought on Alibaba or AliExpress, branded, and sold in the United States. Sure enough, it isn’t hard to find identical products on Alibaba. As you can see from the pictures, these products are nowhere near a hundred bucks apiece. Alternatively, you can head to Amazon and buy the same product rebranded for just $60 or so.

Either way, it is clear that both products are being made in China for significantly lower than what Americans will end up paying for them.

blaux portable scam
Blaux “Reviews” on APNEWS

The Reviews

Blaux’s press release was released on PR Newswire on June 24, 2020. Anyone who knows anything about PR Newswire will agree that the site will accept anything regardless of quality or authenticity. The site’s primary goal is to make money and it doesn’t care who gets hurt in the end. So, one should never believe the content found on PR Newswire.

However, we can find reviews for Blaux’s Portable AC as early as June 16, 2020 and these reviews are not from people who received “freebies”. The first review we’ve found comes from The website is overflowing with poorly written reviews about male enhancement supplements, Keto products, and other things. Some are written in English while others are not.

The spammy site offers nothing of substance for anyone willing to spend time written the gibber. For instance, one sentence reads, “We are not aware of the fact that dehydration can lead to several health problems and may take your body towards death.” The next says, “Due to high paying pills, people are not been able to afford the high voltage ACs and coolers.” Suffice to say, everything on this website should be discredited since it was likely written by the one peddling the Blaux Portable AC, an affiliate, or someone paid for a backlink.

blaux ac prices
Blaux portable AC prices

Next, we arrive at “” which is obviously out to make money by any means necessary. Thanks to PR Newswire, the scam operators managed to get their content posted on which doesn’t care that the content isn’t understandable.

Again, the article is littered with horrible grammatical errors that no American would make. “But if you first find out exactly what this type of system expenses, it is possible to occasionally just flex your palms over your mind.” Once again, it is an article that was bought and paid for. It is also another reason the media has lost its credibility over the years.

Other websites such as TechTimes, JotForm, and others have been spammed with links and advertisements for the Blaux Portable AC.

blaux social media scam
Facebook complaints

Blaux Social Media

While social media sites are often rigged and filled with fake reviews, they can sometimes offer insight into a company’s authenticity. When browsing Blaux’s Facebook page, we can see that it is full of people who bought this portable air conditioner without thinking about it. As a result, they’ve resorted to pleading for cancellations and refunds from the “company”. Sadly, many people bought these products because they see them on APNews and other websites without doing further research.

The problem is that Blaux is ordering from Alibaba so they likely don’t have these products in stock and customers aren’t getting the items they purchased on time. While the website says the items are in stock, the phone rep says otherwise so customers want a refund and they do not believe Blaux is a reliable company.

Guess what? They’re not. The shocking problem is that people are indeed buying these products. This is a big problem and people really need to second guess their decisions before buying such stuff online. A quick search could’ve prevented all of this.

blaux portable ac on alibaba
Portable AC on Alibaba

Is The Blaux Portable AC A Scam?

Unfortunately, it looks like the Blaux Portable AC is another Alibaba scam designed to swindle hard-working Americans. Is the product legit? Who knows? We sincerely doubt anyone has experimented with it since the company hasn’t shipped any portable air conditioners yet.

However, we’re confident that Blaux, Cool Breeze, and most other portable ACs are being bought on Alibaba or AliExpress, rebranded and sold at significantly higher prices. While the air conditioner is only worth 20 bucks or so, Americans are buying them for $120 or more.

Please do not buy these items because you’re only funneling money to other countries and you’re likely going to be disappointed with the results. Or, you may not receive the product at all and you’ll end up on Facebook pleading for a refund just like everyone else.

blaux portable ac scam alibaba
Another portable AC on Alibaba

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