The Plinko Master Scam – Tapping Away For Hours For Nothing

plinko master scam free balls

Mobile game apps are great as long as you go above and beyond to protect yourself. Giving money to shady companies is a good way to lose your money and end up wanting to kick yourself in the backside. The simple solution is to stop giving money to mobile app developers unless you know they’re legit.

The Plinko Master scam is the latest mobile game app to scam Americans. While you may not lose money, you will lose a lot of time and you’ll end up disappointed in the end. To avoid that disappointment and headache, you’ll want to learn about the Plinko Master scam so you can stop playing or avoid downloading.


plinko master good luck studio scam
Good Luck Studio Limited developers

How It Works

Plinko is easy for everyone because it is simple. To play the Plinko Master app, you just need to tap on the screen to drop the ball. As the ball descends, it will hit rewards. As you continue winning and racking up points, you’ll win “digital” money. That money will be stored in your game account until you collect enough to cash out.

The game is simple and fun. The illusion that you’re playing for real money elevates that experience to a new level but you’re destined to be disappointed.

plinko master scam free balls

Why Plinko Master Is A Scam

Unfortunately, Plinko Master is just like other mobile games out there. They’re designed with the intention of making the developer as much money as possible. While you can earn in-game money in Plinko Master, the chance that you’ll be able to withdraw and access that money is slim to none.

Before you can withdraw your money, you have to win $100 and that is likely never going to happen. Players say that you basically no longer receive green coins to cash out once you’ve hit the $90 mark.

Furthermore, the gold coins become sparse and the board is filled mostly with grey dots. So, once you’ve hit the $80 or $90 mark, your chances of earning more are extremely low. And, you’ll have to pay 50 cents for 30 extra balls. You’re going to find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle as addiction as you try desperately to toss your ball into the hole but that’ll never happen.

The game is not designed for your success. It is designed with the intention of making money. You get 30 free balls each day. Also, you can watch ads 30 times a day and get 30 balls each time. In total, you can get 930 free balls each day so that is good.


The Money Game

Each player is given the opportunity to watch ads 30 times a day and get free balls. That’ll get you nowhere but it’ll make Good Luck Studio Limited money. The average cost of a video ad runs anywhere between $0.10 and $0.30 per view on YouTube. In all likelihood, the developer of Plinko Master is getting paid the same.

So, we say they’re getting paid 20 cents per view and you’re watching ads 30 times a day. The company would be making around $6 a day for each player who watches all videos. On Apple’s App Store, the app has more than 18,500 ratings but we’re sure a lot of them are bogus.

Nevertheless, we’ll use that figure in our example. If 18,500 people watch all ads in one day, the company would make $111,000 for that day. If they make anywhere near that, they made decide to payout to a few players at some point just to shut up naysayers.

Still, your chances of being the lucky one are not good. As one player points out, desperate people will waste their time trying to make “easy” money and the developer will cash in all the while.

If you’re going to play this game, please don’t expect to make money. If you don’t, you may not be disappointed when you realize your time with Plinko Master has been all for naught.


Is Plinko Master A Scam?

Plinko Master is likely a big waste of time. However, the game isn’t really a scam unless you begin spending money. Don’t waste your money while playing this game and you’ll only lose your time.

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  1. Jesus christ! Now you tell me! I’ve been playing this stupid game for the past few days and I worked my way up to $66 or so. Haven’t been able to get any higher. I guess I’ll just stop while I am ahead.

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