Thinknix Enterprises Limited CircaCharge – Fake Or Real!

0 is an e-commerce site. The CircaCharge product line is limited to the CircaCharge Home, a mobile charging station. The device is integrated with Qi Technology “electromagnetic Resonance Technology” to deliver wireless charging, according to

Image: Dfy Daily

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 30, 2017. The website has since been shut down. When you enter the domain, the alert “File not found!” pops up on the screen. There is no explanation as to why the website was closed.

Image: WhoIs

The domain is still in the possession of the vendor.

About The Vendor

Again, the website is down, eliminating any information that may have at one time been available for the vendor. The CircaCharge Charging Pad is available through third-party vendor sites – Amazon and DFY Daily.

Image: Amazon

CircaCharge has multiple Amazon customer reviews, ranging between 1- and 5-star.

What Is DFY Daily?

DFY Daily is an online e-commerce platform owned and operated by Thinknix Enterprises Limited. The Contact Us page provides the address 1286 University Ave., #1019, San Diego, CA 92103.

Image: DFY Daily

A business search via the California Secretary of State website did not render results for Thinknix Enterprises. A Google search connected the address to a virtual FedEx ShipCenter mailbox. The address is also associated with several online vendors – Luxuryify, KoreHealth Fitness Tracker, Starscope Monocular, and Automend Pro.

Image: FedEx

Thinknix Enterprises Limited has a BBB filing (not an accreditation), with an F rating and a 1-star customer rating. The customer complaints claim Thinknix Enterprises charged his credit card without authorization and non-deliveries.

Image: BBB

The BBB complaints are still unresolved.

Image: Amazon

CircaCharge F-BBB Rating

CircaCharge also has a BBB filing (not an accreditation), with an F rating and a 1-star customer rating. A complaint filed on July 7, 2019, claimed the CircaCharge arrived defective. Thinknix Enterprises refused a refund and replacement.

Another complaint, filed May 23, 2019, claimed Thinknix Enterprises refused a refund after the CircaCharge was returned. There are several similar BBB complaints, all of which are still unresolved.

On January 11, 2019, an unknown consumer filed a BBB complaint against Thinknix Enterprises, referring to the CircaCharge as “Energixcharge.” is no longer in operation.

Another BBB filing that may be connected to Thinknix Enterprises and CircaCharge is Circa Charge.

Alibaba Look-A-Like

An Alibaba replica is being sold for $5.30 per unit, compared to the $29.99 CircaCharge price. The listing utilizes a similar image as that of the CircaCharge. The Amazon price is $19.99.

Image: DFY Daily
Image: Alibaba

Afterword – CircaCharge Scam

Is CircaCharge a scam? The F-BBB rating, unresolved BBB complaints, and 1-star customer review do not leave consumers with a good impression. And, this is not to mention the complaints handled Thinknix Enterprises Limited via landline and email.

Image: California Secretary of State

It appears CircaCharge is an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. What appears to be the same exact wireless phone charger is less than 10% of the Thinknix Enterprises CircaCharge price.

A business search via the California Secretary of State website did not validate Thinknix Enterprises as a legitimate company.

A red flag, the website failing to open, should warrant concern among consumers. It is unclear if CircaCharge took the name of the Energixcharge. A BBB complaint appears to have linked Thinknix Enterprises to CircaCharge and Energixcharge. The domain is also failing to open on the Internet. Did Google shut down the websites?

DFY Daily promotes multiple products connected to BBB scam complaints. The Starscope Monocular, TVFix Screen Caster, BuzzBGone Zap, Williston Force AC, and Buzz B-Gone Mosquito Trap.

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