Tiffany Funding – Debt Relief Via A Proxy-Registered Website

0 is an online debt relief service that claims to be located in Farmington, Michigan. The website does not provide a lot of details about the lender. There is no physical address, only PO Box 913.


About Us

The website does not have an About Us. It is pretty much void of any informative content that could help validate the legitimacy of Tiffany Funding.

Image: Michigan LARA

Michigan State License Search

A business search via rendered no results.

WhoIs Domain Verification

A domain check revealed was registered on February 2, 2019, via a proxy.

Image: WhoIs

Phone Number

Tiffany Funding utilizes the phone number (888) 224-6708. Toll-free numbers are virtually impossible to search unless you want to pay a hefty fee to a background check service.

White Pages did not provide any details about the phone number as well.

BBB Search

Tiffany Funding is not listed on BBB. A BBB business search did not render any results. So, this is definitely not a BBB-accredited website. A business search via the Michigan LARA Corporations Online Filing System rendered “no records found” for the so-called company.

Tiffany Funding Scam

There just isn’t enough evidence to determine if Tiffany Funding is a scam or legit. However, there are a lot of red flags that draw speculation about the legitimacy of the website. Consumers in need of debt relief services should contact their Secretary of State or another government entity that can provide evidence to validate the website’s legitimacy.

There are risks in applying for loans or debt relief online. Being aware is one way to avoid becoming the next identity theft scam victim. Again, never do business with a proxy-registered website.

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