Topscrafts – Shop Wisely, Shop Somewhere Else

0 is a Shoppica store with a decent selection of Little Tike toys, furniture, and inflatables. The prices are significantly lower than the retail price. For example, the Easy Store Jr. Play Table with Umbrella is selling for $37.99. The retail price on the Little Tikes’ official website is $69.99.


Contact Us

The only way to contact Topscrafts is via email, which is not revealed. You just fill out the email form and submit it through the website. The email address is not available.

About Us

The About Us page does not provide any details about the website. Only the website mission and advantages are available. All of the website content is filled with grammatical errors. Looks like it was written by a non-native English author.


Image: Little Tikes

The Track Your Order feature does not work. The link takes you to a Featured Collection page. So, it is impossible to track your order once it is placed.

The Verdict

There isn’t enough evidence to verify if this is a Topscrafts scam or legitimate website. However, the almost 50% discounted prices are very fishy. How is it possible for Topscrafts to offer such low prices and make a profit?

Image: IP Info

Never purchase from a website that does not have an About Us, verifiable physical address, and email address. Nayzayerz cannot stress enough the importance of research when it comes to online shopping.

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