TV Buddy Scam – Should You Avoid This Streaming Player?


As more and more Americans cut the cord, streaming services are gaining popularity and customers. Thanks to Amazon, the TV Buddy Caster has sold a lot of units. However, many of those buyers were unsatisfied with the product in question. Should you take their advice and stay away from the TV Buddy Caster? Or, should you ignore their advice and buy it? We’ll try to answer that question by carefully researching the company.


What Is The TV Buddy Caster?

The TV Buddy Caster is a wireless streaming device that allows users to stream their favorite movies, TV shows, music and more. The Amazon product page claims that your satisfaction is guaranteed. And, there is no need to download anything software or app. The plug and play set up makes things easy for the buyer. However, there may be some risks involved.


Is There A Website?

When searching Google for TV Buddy, it is tough to find anything besides a few “reviews”. One website,, encourages us to buy the TV Fix Caster. When trying to buy the TV Fix Caster through PayPal, we can see that the site is being operated by Able Look Online Limited. We already know from our previous research that this company is a scam.

We can also see that Amazon is buying ads for the TV Buddy on Google. There is also the This site is felling TVFix which claims to be a recently leaked device that allows you to watch anything from your phone on your television in full HD.

When trying to buy a TVFix Caster through this site, we’re transported to and a PayPal account connected to Able Look Online Limited. So, we can see that TV Buddy and TV Fix are being sold by the same pretend company.

tv buddy on alibaba
TV Buddy on Alibaba

TV Buddy On Alibaba

Before buying anything, it is essential to make sure that the same exact product is not being sold on Alibaba. There are countless products on Alibaba that look similar to the TV Buddy on Amazon. The wireless Miracast Dongle is mostly identical to the TV Buddy. It offers 1080P resolution at 60 FPS. Just like the TV Buddy, the products on Alibaba say that they can be used as a home theater, gaming, office meetings, and education. The same pictures are being used on Alibaba that are being used on the TV Buddy’s Amazon page.

What is the difference? Well, you can buy the Easy Sharing Wireless Streaming TV Stick on Alibaba for as little as $1.90. You’ll just need to buy 500 pieces.

tvbuddy amazon scam
TV Buddy ratings on Amazon

Amazon Complaints

Unfortunately, Amazon will let anyone sell anything. As a result, Americans are getting scammed to death on Amazon every day. For instance, one customer reviewed the TV Buddy on Amazon on March 31, 2020. It says, “Mine doesn’t say TV Buddy anywhere on it, but it wasn’t completely horrible.” This is because someone bought the product on Alibaba and didn’t want to pay more for the personalized logo.

Others say that the product doesn’t work so they sent it back. Another says they ordered the TV Buddy and received an imitation brand called screen caster.

Ultimately, the TV Buddy is a bad product imported from Alibaba and China. We should’ve expected as much when we found out that it was connected to Able Look Online.

amazon sc trendy products scam
Amazon Seller SC Trendy Products scam products

The TVFix

Amazon is also selling the TVFix Wireless Streaming Cross-System Mirroring Dongle. Unfortunately, this is another scam being carried out by Able Look Online. These products are being sold by the Amazon 3rd party seller SC Trendy Products.

And, this is likely the owner of Able Look Online. After all, this individual is selling the RangeXTD, Blaux Portable Air Conditioner, TV Fix, Infiniti Klouds, MindInSole, and QuietBuds.

If you buy anything from SC Trendy Products on Amazon, you’re paying too much and you’ll likely be disappointed one way or another.

Everything being sold by SC Trendy Products is being purchased for much cheaper on Alibaba and/or AliExpress

amazon scams bad company
Amazon benefits from TV Buddy scam

Stay Away

It is sad to see Amazon profit from the devious behavior of SC Trendy Products and Able Look Online. The days of the company caring about its customers and protecting them to the fullest are gone. Instead, the company has thrown away its morality in exchange for bloated profits. We know these products are junk from Alibaba being sold at massively inflated profits. We believe Amazon knows the same but doesn’t care.

Do not buy the TV Fix, TV Buddy, or anything from Able Look Online or SC Trendy. Read our post regarding Able Look Online and learn more about the enormous scam they’re carrying out. The fact that Amazon is handling and shipping these products is disgusting. The company just doesn’t care about its customers anymore.

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