TVtronix – Much Higher Prices Compared To Amazon


TVtronix is an online vendor that specializes in TVs, projectors, and home theaters. Choose from various brand-names, including LG, Samsung, Hisense, Sharp, Sony, and VIZIO.

Domain Information was registered on February 5, 2020, via proxy server.

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About Us

The About Us page does not provide any significant information that could be utilized to validate TVtronix. The Contact Us page provides the toll-free phone number (800) 501-2126, which doesn’t appear to be connected to any other website.

Since there is no physical address available, it is impossible to conduct a business search for TVtronix.

Return Policy

A confirmation signature eliminates the return option, meaning orders cannot be returned once the buyer signs the confirmation form.

Extended warranties purchased from the website are not backed by the manufacturer but TVtronix. TVtronix extended warranties are automatically activated on the expiration date of the original manufacturer’s warranty.

A 10% restocking fee plus an additional $200 fee to cover shipping are deducted from undamaged refunds.

Not BBB-Accredited

TVtronics is registered on BBB as a “TV and radio repair” service. Several BBB complaints refer to TVtronix as a “scam”. One member claims TVtronix never processed or shipped out his order. Another member called the website a “bait and switch.”

Prices Marked Up Significantly

We compared TVtronix prices with Amazon and discovered a significant markup. For example, TVtronix charges $1049 for the LG 90 Series 55NANO90UNA 55” LED TV. The much-lower Amazon price is $796.99.

Image: TVtronix
Image: Amazon

Afterword – TV Tronix Scam

tIs TVtronix a scam? There just isn’t enough information to say either way. But, any legitimate vendor would be upfront with this information right from the get-go. The 1-star BBB rating suggests this is another international scam.

Another factor to consider is the price markup. Why pay Tvtronix prices when you can get the same TV from Amazon for $200 less. At least, you know Amazon will have your back if your items are not shipped.

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