UFC Gym Headquarters – Rated An “F” By BBB


UFC Gym is a franchise owned by the Ultimate Fighting Championship “UFC”. There are various UFC Gym locations in Alberta, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

UFC Gym is headquartered at 1501 Quail Street, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

UFC History

UFC was established by Rorion Gracie, John Milius, and Art Davie in November 1993. The face of UFC is President and CEO Dana White who is known for being boisterously outspoken. The organization claims to have over 284 million fans and a $2 billion brand valuation.

UFC Gym Amenities

UFC Gym amenities include pre- and post-workout therapies – percussion massage, NormaTec compression, and cryotherapy, a broad range of exercise equipment, weight-lifting stations, group fitness classes, yoga, pilates, kickboxing drills, bag room, Octagon, and personal training.

UFC Gym Membership

UFC Gym Box Hit Live Membership fee is $14.95 per month. Other membership fees are not disclosed on the official website ufcgym.com.

“F” BBB Rating

UFC may have a history of providing its fans hours of hardcore MMA hybrid combat fighting. Unfortunately, the company’s UFC Gym Affiliate is failing many of its fans, according to dozens of BBB customer complaints.

Image: BBB

BBB rated UFC Gym an “F”, while consumers rate the company 1-star out of 5. The lowest possible BBB rating is contributed to poor customer service that is based on 12 customer reviews and 122 customer complaints.

Image: BBB

The BBB complaints are regarding various issues, including unauthorized membership cancellation, unauthorized credit card charges, failure to authorize membership cancellation requests, poor customer support, inability to access online fitness courses, and monthly fee issues.

Image: BBB

Multiple customers claimed UFC Gym canceled their membership without notification. Others claimed their locations temporarily closed due to COVID. After trying to “freeze” their accounts, their membership expired. With no resolution, the customers turned to BBB for mediation. Unfortunately, the majority of the complaints are still unresolved.

Image: BBB

The company has not responded to most of the complaints and responses are limited to referring the customer to the affiliate location.

Image: BBB

Most of the BBB complaints are regarding membership cancellation issues.

Image: BBB

1.8-Star Customer Rating Google

27 customer rated UFC Gym Corporate Headquarters 1.8 stars out of 5. The reviews were similar to the BBB complaints, regarding expired memberships and no resolutions.

Image: Google
Image: Google

Afterword – UFC Gym Scam

Is UFC Gym a scam? UFC Gym is an affiliate owned by the UFC. There are dozens of affiliate locations across the United States. While the company is legit, it fails to process gym membership cancellation requests and address unauthorized credit card charges after memberships are canceled.

It appears, most or all the locations were closed due to COIVID mandates. Instead of putting the memberships on hold, the company continues to charge members monthly fees. When the customers discover the charges, they contact the company to no avail.

Customers also complain about being charged monthly fees way after their accounts were closed. Another customer claimed to have paid $799 for a 3-year contract, a second time, only to have the company cancel the contract without notification or a refund.

A service provider claimed to have completed work at the Sunnyvale location but was never paid. The corporate office refused to resolve the issue.

There are dozens of these complaints on various review sites, including Yelp, BBB, Indeed, and Trustpilot.

UFC Fight Pass is experiencing the same feedback. Customers cannot cancel their subscriptions and the company continues to charge their credit cards.

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