Union Gloves Invoice Scam – A Solicitation Phishing Scam


Uniongloves.com is an e-commerce site. Union Gloves offers rubber gloves to the public.

About The Merchant

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page provides the email address info@uniongloves.com and phone number (866) 893-5640. A Google search connects the phone number to a list of customer complaints filed via ScamPulse.

Image: ScamPulse

ScamPulse Customer Reviews

Victims of the Union Gloves invoice scam claim the invoice is from a fake company The invoices range between $976 and $988 for nitrile gloves. The invoice bears the address PO Box 11913, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339. A Google search connects the address to several websites:

  • Robin’s Consulting Services
  • Primary Urgent Care of Florida
  • Cabrini Holdings
  • Fortune Album
  • Union Gloves

The name on the LLC filing is Onur Mengi. A Google search connects Onur Mengi to IZMIR University of Economics in Turkey. There is no evidence to connect this Onur Mengi with Union Gloves.

Image: Florida Sunbiz.org
Image: Izmir University of economics Turkey

A review filed on November 10, 2021, claims to have received an invoice for $982. The customer claims to be an Operations Manager who denies ordering anything from Union Gloves. The order was supposedly shipped via UPS.

Image: ScamPulse

A review filed on November 4, 2021, claims the invoice is a “sales promotion” and “solicitation”, not a genuine invoice.

Image: ScamPulse

Florida Sunbiz Business Search

A business search via the Florida Divisions of Corporations Sunbiz.org validates Union Gloves as a Florida Limited Liability Company. The Florida LLC filing was filed on September 14, 2021. A Google search shows Onur Mengi as an Assistant Professor at the Izmir University of Economics in Turkey.

Afterword – Union Gloves Invoice Scam

Is Union Gloves invoice a scam? There is no evidence to support such claims. Union Gloves is registered with the State of Florida as an LLC. However, an LLC filing does not always validate the legitimacy of a company.

LLC formations are utilized as fronts for many online scams. More governmental oversight is needed to monitor LLCs. The main problem is anyone can start an LLC for about $100. You can live in Turkey, Nigeria, India, China, or another international company and start an LLC in the United States. Since the responsible party is located in an international country, they are rarely held accountable for their fraudulent operations.

Now, this is not to say all LLC filings are a scam. However, there are quite a few LLC scams online.

The Union Gloves invoice scam is gaining a lot of attention. The culprit probably got the idea from Top Tier Chemicals. It is unclear how many small businesses have fallen prey to these scam artists.

If you receive a fraudulent invoice, do not hesitate to report it to the FTC, FBI, and local politicians. Someone needs to be held responsible for the boatloads of online scams. It is like no one is looking out for vulnerable American consumers and small businesses. Shameful!

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