US Home Guard – Utilizes Urgent Deceptive Advertising Practices To Boost Sales


Consumers pay millions for their homes, which is even more of a reason to purchase a home warranty. There are many websites peddling home warranties. Choice Home Warranty, Top Home Warranty Services, and American Residential Warranty are just to name a few. Another home warranty website that is getting a lot of attention as of late is The website offers several home warranty plans, all of which do not have set premiums.

Warranty Global Group

The Warranty Global Group, Inc. apparently owns and operates the website, according to the Coverage Terms & Conditions page. The website utilizes the address 931 Main Plaza Dr., Wentzville, MO 63385. A business search via the Missouri Secretary of State website, Warranty Global Group is a For Profit LLC. The company was registered on July 6, 2009.

Image: Missouri Secretary of State website

Not A BBB-Accredited Business

US Home Guard has a C+ BBB rating and a 1-star customer rating. One BBB complaint alleges the company utilizes deceptive business practices to peddle their home warranties. The company responded to the complaint saying “We stand by the verbiage in our advertisement, as there is an urgency to set up a protection plan BEFORE something happens.”

Image: BBB

There are other similar complaints where consumers are calling the deceptive advertising practices “a scam.” another complaint alleged he had received a letter from the company, which said the following “that the property’s home warranty, at myaddress, SECURED BY mybank, may be expiring or have already expired.” The company’s response verified the allegations were in fact true.

Image: BBB

Here is another response from the company regarding its deceptive advertising practices. In response, the company apologized for its data source is incorrect. But, in turn, asked the reviewer if he had a home warranty that he wasn’t aware of. Now, this takes the cake.

Image: BBB

The company obviously is utilizing false advertising practices that stress an urgency to entice the consumer to react by purchasing one of its home warranties.

Afterword – US Home Guard Scam

While the Warranty Home Group is a registered Missouri LLC, it relies on deceptive advertising practices to boost sales. Most of the car and home warranties are nothing but a scam. Take for instance, the auto warranty spoofing scam. The company utilizes the illegal “caller ID spoofing” to contact American consumers. Blocking the number doesn’t help because the company switches from one phone number to another with each call. These phones are genuine, so you really do not know who you are blocking.

Nayzayerz recommends putting your premiums in a bank account, so you will have them when an emergency arises. No need to file a complaint and have instant access to emergency cash.

If you believe home warranties are worth it, Nayzayerz recommends conducting research before buying. Most home and car warranties are nothing but scams. They find any way in the world to not cover claims. After paying thousands in monthly premiums, a claim is denied. This is a very common story among home and car warranty customers.

US Home Guard is not the first home warranty company to utilize scare tactics and it will not be the last. This is a very common behavior among all warranty companies.

Is US Home Guard a scam? No, but the company does utilize illegal scar tactics to get responses from concerned consumers.

6 thoughts on “US Home Guard – Utilizes Urgent Deceptive Advertising Practices To Boost Sales

  1. I knew this was a scam. Letter : lender info: Countrywide Home Loan They don’t even exist anymore and our home isn’t through any financial institutions. So hey, they didn’t fool me.

  2. I received a letter about a final notice that used my bank’s name and I was out of town. My neighbor was checking my mail and it appeared to be something that was serious like a mortgage or homeowner’s insurance expiring. I plan on contacting all agencies with authority over this bs and called them and told them to take me off their list and not to ever contact me again. What a bunch of crap!

  3. We also received “Final Notice Immediate Response To This Notice Requested.” they claimed that our property’s home warranty which is secured by Fannie Mae Mortgage.

    We were thinking that since they claim to be involved with a government program that made this fraud a federal case.

    1. It should be, but there is no federal agency willing to take on these scam artists. We need an agency that protects American consumers from online fraud. Online fraud awareness campaigns would definitely help. Our seniors are at the highest risk of becoming victimized by international scam artists, who are not being held accountable for their fraudulent behavior. They are free to do whatever makes them money, legal or illegal. Thanks for sharing!

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