Vencano – Fake Or Legit? You Decide!

0 is an online apparel vendor. The Vencano collection is comprised of attire, footwear, and accessories.

About Vencano

The website and owned and operated by ZC Holding (HK) Limited, a Hong Kong-based company, according to the About Us page. The company has multiple shopping apps, including ‘Floryday – Shopping & Fashion’; ‘Airycloth – Women’s Fashion’; ‘Eoschoice – Fashion Trends’; and ‘Tendaisy – Fashion Clothing’.

Image: Google

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 14, 2019.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Vencano is not registered with or accredited by the BBB.

Customer Complaints

Vencano has multiple TrustPilot complaints regarding poor quality and improper product description.

Image: TrustPilot
Image: TrustPilot

Facebook Complaints

The website has boatloads of customer complaints regarding non-deliveries and poor quality products.

Image: Facebook

Not So Unique Images

A Google image search shows the same product images on various websites, including EdgyWind, VeryVoga, and FloryDay,

Image: Google Image Search

Afterword – Vencano Scam

Is Vencano a scam? With insufficient evidence, it is impossible to validate the legitimacy of the official Vencano website. While ZC Holding may be a legitimate Hong Kong company, it is probably not associated with Vencano. The company has several fashion shopping apps, none of which belong to Vencano. There are several websites that claim to be connected to the company as well. There is no way to validate these claims.

Vencano product line is not unique because the same products are available through other e-commerce vendors.

Vencano’s Facebook page is overrun with scam complaints. Some customers claim the website scammed them out of $400 or more. Do not take Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yahoo ads at face value because there is nothing about them that says “legit.”

Never purchase from an e-commerce vendor that is not accredited by BBB.

Vencano, along with hundreds of other websites is nothing more than a scam.

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