Vetsource – A Barking Scam Aimed At Desperate Pet Owners


Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibilities. Nevertheless, raising a dog or cat can be very rewarding and you know you’re going to have a companion for life. Still, pets can experience an array of health issues and that is going to keep you up at night. Like most pet parents, the search for a vet will be quick. You’ll likely settle for the veterinarian closest to your home since that is more convenient. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive good service and your dog will get good care. If you’re not, you’re going to run into a lot of nightmares.

If your dog requires prescription medications, your vet will need to give you a prescription. It should be your right to choose the pharmacy that you want but some vets will not allow it. Some vets require their customers to work directly with Vetsource. Is this allowed? Is your vet required to give you a prescription so you can buy your dog’s prescription medication and food elsewhere.

Within this guide, we’ll dig deeper into Vetsource and why so many people are being abused by their vets.

vetsource scam
Prices at Vetsource

What Is Vetsource?

First, you’ll want to learn more about Vetsource. The company is an online pharmacy. It is similar to Chewy but the company works directly with veterinarians. With Vetsource, vets can build an online store and launch their store in as little as 48 hours. Furthermore, they’ll be able to work with a dedicated account manager who will help them boost their profits.

Once a vet has teamed up with Vetsource, they’ll want all of their patients to buy their medications from Vetsource since they’ll earn a commission of sorts on every order. According to Vetsource’s website, it can help clinics increase their revenue by 40% per patient.

Vetsource has several competitors including and Some of these are no better.

chewy prices
Prices at Chewy

The Big Problem

The biggest problem with Vetsource and similar alternatives is the prices. Since Vetsource is working directly with the vet, they’re paying them to promote its pharmacy. So, the vet is getting paid in exchange for their services. In ordinary medicine, this would be referred to as an illegal kickback scheme.

Since Vetsource has to pay the vet, they have to charge customers significantly more. On Vetsource, we can buy a 25.3 lb bag of Royal Canin SO Dry Dog Food for $82.99. On Chewy, the same food is available for $64.99.

We’ll do anything to help our dogs but this is outrageous. And, it doesn’t help that many Vets linked to Vetsource aren’t willing to give prescriptions to Chewy. This means unlucky individuals will be forced to buy through Vetsource because their vet refuses to give Chewy the prescription information.

Below, you’ll find a comparison of the prices on Vetsource vs the prices on Chewy.

  • NexGard Chewables Red 3 Count Pack – Vetsource $78.39 – Chewy $59.99
  • Apoquel Tablets 16 MG 100 Tablets – Vetsource $265.29 – Chewy $229
  • Inverhart Plus 51-100 lbs 6 Treatments – Vetsource $52.19 – Chewy $42.76
  • Proviable DC Capsules 80 count box – Vetsource $59.99 – Chewy $38.99

Furthermore, Chewy is very reliable. Vetsource is not. Buying from Vetsource is a hit and miss. Just check the BBB complaints or take our word for it. Vetsource is always slow about shipping orders so you’ll get your items much faster from Chewy.


Shady Vets

The unfortunate truth is that many vets are shady and they’re not willing to help their patients. Some vets will refuse to give you the prescription because they want you to shop directly through Vetsource. By law in many areas, this is not acceptable. “The only reason a veterinarian may refuse to give you a written prescription is for a justifiable veterinary medical reason such as a need to examine or monitor the animal.”

In many states, vets cannot refuse to write a prescription for medication in a situation where they would dispense that medication. In Tennessee, “It is a violation of Rule 1730-01-.13 for a veterinarian to refuse to honor a client’s request to prescribe, rather than dispense, a drug. The client has the option of filling a prescription at any pharmacy.”

Nevertheless, many vets refuse to give prescriptions because they want their customers to buy directly from Vetsource. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make as much money. On our forum, DoggyDaddy complained about a vet engaging in such behavior. Be sure to share your story with us there as well.

We recommend studying the laws in your area or speaking with an attorney. If your vet is obligated to give you a prescription, make them give it to you. Why should you be forced to pay more and work with a terrible company like Vetsource?

8 thoughts on “Vetsource – A Barking Scam Aimed At Desperate Pet Owners

  1. This is 2021 AND THIS IS STILL GOING ON AND IT IS WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!! My dog’s vet is charging me 3x to 4x for products they REQUIRE that I purchase through the vet’s “online pharmacy” which is VETSOURCE. I previously had a great relationship with my dog’s vet and hopefully I still do but the “front office staff” is another story entirely. They got EXTREMELY nasty with me when I told them I desperately needed to lower the cost of my dog’s seizure medications as I am now a SENIOR citizen no longer able to work and with a fixed income which I need to budget very carefully in spending. Vetsource charges for the medication PLUS a “service fee” PLUS a shipping fee and then the vet clinic charges me another $10 to pick up the med at the clinic (it isn’t safe to have shipping to my remote rural location, too many problems with UPS so need to have it sent to the vet clinic). Totaled this is more than 3x the cost of the medication which I can get from Chewy with FREE SHIPPING and no “service fee” tacked on at both ends. They got SO NASTY with me that I had to cave in and go with what they required as I was frightened they would no longer treat my dog at that clinic.

    1. We agree totally, this is unfair business practices. Shameful, sorry for you terrible experience. Owners should have an option when it comes to their pets’ prescription medicine and food. Ask your vet for a prescription, so you can buy from Chewy.

      1. Of COURSE I asked them!. I guess I need to clarify when I said in my post that the vet clinic required purchase through them. THEY REQUIRE PURCHASE THROUGH THEIR CLINIC FROM THEIR LINK WITH VETSOURCE. They flat refused to write a prescription. Even though in my state they are legally required to do that. But you know what – if a dog owner gets huffy with a vet clinic that dog owner in this community will get BLACKLISTED and NO VET will treat any dog of that owner.

        Anyway, when I asked (begged) for a written prescription they got EXTREMELY nasty with me. Then they added a new “reason” to their “requirement” to buy through VetSource – they said that Chewy’s product was “not what my dog needed” and claimed that what my dog HAD TO HAVE was a “compounded” seizure med. I talked to Chewy’s pharmacy dept and read them the label on the so-called compounded med from the VetSource people and IT WAS IDENTICAL TO CHEWY’S PRODUCT. I have since stopped using that veterinarian.

        1. This is becoming a nationwide problem for owners of sick animals. They earn a commission for every item sold through Vetsource. Here, you are with a sick pet and these vultures do not have a heart. They are out to earn an additional profit outside the initial office fee. Pet owners are at their most vulnerable when their furbabies are ill. You should relay this information to your attorney general, BBB, FTC, and the State regulatory board for vets. These scumbags need to lose their license.

  2. This doesn’t seem like you have an agenda at all…As previously stated, this article is factually incorrect.

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