VisiClear – What You Should Know Before Buying!

2 is an online supplement vendor. VisiClear supports eye health. The ingredients are from local farmers in the United States, according to the website.

Dr. Guilherme Lepski

The face behind VisiClear is Dr. Guilherme Lepski, according to the website. A professional license search via the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation website did not render results for Lepski.

Image: Illinois Department of Financial And Professional Regulation

The Manufacturer

The actual manufacturer is not disclosed in the website content. However, it does provide the address 2045 W Grand Ave, Ste B #43301, Chicago, Illinois 60612, and phone number (855) 633-7169.

Image: Google Search

A Google search did not render results for #43301. It did provide results for other suites in the same building. For example, #47327 is connected to Renna Partners. Other examples are #65785, which belongs to Little Jack Marketing, and #50820 The Alliance for Human Services.

The provided phone number is connected to VisiClear.

A business search via the Illinois Secretary of State website did not render results for VisiClear.

Image: Illinois Secretary of State website

Domain Information

The website was registered on October 29, 2019.

About The Ingredients

The official website does not divulge information about the ingredients. The product is featured on various unofficial review websites. Here, we located a list of the ingredients – alpha-lipoic acid, amino acids, Ginko Biloba, selenium, zinc, lycopene, horsetail, bilberry extract, and a host of vitamins.

Suspicious Testimonial Images

VisiClear utilizes images found on various websites. For example, the image utilized for the testimonial “Happy to say it work” is featured in an AmoMama article deemed “Silly Joke: Two Elderly Windows Were Staying at a Hotel.”


Another example is the Pat Veretto “Might Just be a Miracle” testimonial image, which is featured in various Pinterest articles.

Image: AmoMama
Image: Google

VisiClear Facebook Page

The Facebook page for VisiClear is limited to a few points and little to no consumer interaction, even though it has 257 followers. On the upside, only one consumer reached out to VisiClear regarding pricing. VisiClear did not respond.

Not BBB-Accredited

VisiClear is not registered with or accredited by the BBB.

Afterword – VisiClear Eye Scam

Is VisiClear a scam? It is possible but without more evidence, Nayzayerz cannot say either way. However, there are a few red flags that drew our attention. First, there is no mention of the manufacturer in the website content. A professional license search in Illinois did not validate Lepski’s claim of being an American licensed medical doctor.

Also, the address cannot be validated. A Google search validated addresses in the vicinity, but not #44301. There does not appear to be a legitimate suite connected to this number.

The website utilizes the ole’ bait and switch, claiming low supply. Just a way to entice consumers to act without thinking first.

The Facebook page has nearly 300 followers, but not consumer activity, just a few promotional posts.

If VisiClear is not manufactured in the United States, the vendor is violating the FTC “Made In USA” standard. The claim is an attempt to legitimize VisiClear without actually providing proof.

Image: VisiClear

2 thoughts on “VisiClear – What You Should Know Before Buying!

    1. It is possibly a scam. We do not recommend buying supplements from unofficial online vendors. Third-party testing should be available to consumers. Check with BBB, Trustpilot, and other relevant sources before buying.

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