Vondaca.com is an e-commerce store. The Vondaca collection includes pet supplies, appliances, office furniture, apparel, camping gear, baby accessories, and trade show displays.

About The Vendor

The About Us page does not provide significant information that could be utilized to validate Vondaca.

Image: Vondaca.com

The Contact Us page provides the address 177 Meadow Lane, Long Lake, MN 55356. A Google Maps search connects the address to a resident.

Image: Google Maps

The vendor utilizes the phone number (903) 292-9660, which is connected to various services:

  • Evonms
  • Nylapev
  • Lindsayit
  • Legiacoo
  • Aheadfeel

Vondaca Facebook

The website does not appear to have a Facebook page.

Domain Information

The website was registered on August 3, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Brand-Name Products – Prices Inflated

Vondaca sells name-brand products, with inflated price tags. For example, the COMFEE’ Toaster Oven CFO-BB102 is priced at $69.56, compared to the Amazon price of $35.99. There is also a selection of products that appear to be unbranded. However, it appears these products are replicas of brand names. For example, the Lightweight Baby Carriage Stroller priced at $96.99 is a replica of the Baby Joy Lightweight Baby Stroller. The Amazon price is $129.99. In this case, the Vondaca price is slightly lower than the brand-name price.

Image: Vondaca.com
Image: Vondaca.com

Not BBB-Accredited

Vondaca is not accredited by or registered with the BBB.

PayPal Accountholder

The PayPal accountholder is 安庆市怀宁县阮林商行. Google Translate shows the PayPal account holder is Ruanlin Commercial Bank, Huaining County, Anqing City. A Google search did not render a match for Ruanlin Commercial Bank.

Image: PayPal
Image: Google Translate

Business Search

A business search via the Minnesota Secretary of state website did not render results for Vondaca.

Image: Minnesota Secretary of State

Extended Shipping

Vondaca has an extended delivery, ranging between 15 and 30 days. The extended delivery is related to COVID-19, according to the Shipping Policy.

Afterword – Vondaca Scam

Is Vondaca.com a scam? Is Vondaca a scam? There is no evidence to validate the Vondaca e-commerce store. The address is a residence, not a business. The phone number is connected to several scam websites, Aheadfeel and Legiocoo.

Image: Vondaca.com
Image: Amazon

Vondaca’s prices are fishy. It is questionable why the merchant feels the need to increase retail prices by $30+. And products posing as unbranded are underpriced, while name-brand produces are significantly overpriced.

The extended delivery time is questionable. While COVID-19 negatively impacted USPS, FedEx, and UPS shipping, but things appear to have returned to normal for the most part.

The PayPal accountholder Ruanlin Commercial Bank is not legitimate.

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