Wagwalking.com is a platform that bridges the gaps between pets and caregivers. Wag offers dog walking, veterinary care, dog training, and pet sitting services. It operates in 50 US states, according to the About Us page.

How To Become A Wag! Caregiver?

To become a caregiver, you simply need to complete and submit a form to Wag, you input your first, middle, and last names, email address, and phone number. Before submitting the form, you must agree to the Wag! Privacy Policy and Terms. Next, confirm you are a resident of the United States.

The next step of the process is providing a brief description of yourself. Are 18 or older, click “Yes” or “No.” Unless you have a valid driver’s license, permanent resident card, social security number, or US passport, do not continue.

Now, it is time to submit your physical address. Input your legal middle name and then a preferred first name. You can opt-in or -out of the gender identity question. You must tell Wag what type of phone – iPhone or Android – you own.

If you have any special pet training, click “Yes.”

Pass the Wag pet quiz and fill out your profile. Every applicant is required to undergo a background check at your expense.

Not Accredited By BBB

BBB does not accredit Wag Labs but does rate it an “A+”. Thirty-two customers have rated Wag Labs “Uber for dogs” 1.52-stars out of 5. The business filing provides the address 100 View St., Suite 112, Mountain View, CA 94041.

Image: BBB

There is a mixture of reviews, regarding payment, rating, and poor treatment of dog walkers. According to the customer reviews, Wag Is not keen on resolving issues with dog walkers. Most claim their accounts were deactivated without warning. Of course, there is no evidence to support these claims.

80 Customer Complaints

Wag! has 80 BBB complaints, regarding no-show dog walkers, double-charges, unexplained charges, incompetent pet sitters, background check fees, no background check, and non-refundable fees.

Image: BBB

Wag! has quite a few non-refundable fees, including a background check, vet consultation, subscription, and registration.

Image: BBB

Several customers claim their pets were injured during boarding. One customer claimed her dog was injured by a cat. Another customer claimed the walker left her door unlocked.

Image: BBB

Several BBB complaints claim Wag utilized their credit cards without authorization. A BBB complaint filed on February 21, 2020, claimed a Wag worker stole items from her home. The customer filed a police report. Wag reimbursed the customer, credits,

Image: BBB

Wag! Death Of Several Dogs

A BBB complaint filed on March 18, 2020, claimed negligence at the hand of a Wag dog walk led to the death of a dog. The customer claimed the dog walker fed the dog rocks and debris. Wag refused to reimburse the customer, even though the dog died due to complications of eating rocks while in the care of its dog walker. Wag continues to refuse reimbursement, claiming to utilize safety videos to train dog walkers.

Image: BBB

Daily Mail Article

According to a Daily Mail article, Liz Giorgi, Soona Studios CEO, claimed her dog, Fran went missing while under the care of a Wag pet sitter. Giorgi was in Africa when she received a text about Fran missing. Wag ignored Giorgi’s messages for about 25 hours. Giorgi claimed to have gathered family, neighbors, and friends to search for Fran. It is unclear if Fran died while in the care of the Wag pet sitter or Fran actually ran away and died later.

The most appalling thing about the story is Wag continued to bill Giorgi for pet care services.

New York Post Article

According to a New York Post article, Composto claimed her dog died under the care of a Wag dog walker, Hannah. Surveillance footage showed Hannah return a limp Bella to the home.

Composto says she continues to receive conflicting tales about the day Bella died. Hannah did not remain in the home as promised, according to surveillance footage. Wag claimed Bella fell and was later found dead in her crate.

About 15 dogs have died while in the care of Wag workers.

CBS News Article

According to a CBS News article, Houston, Texas residents, Nick and Sara Moore claim their Winnie died under the care of a Wag dog walker. Moore claims a Wag representative notified her to say Winnie was killed by a car. Winnie was at the hospital when Moore arrived home. The dog died a short time later.

Wag covered Winnie’s cremation and promised to investigate the incident. They still do not have any answers. To receive $188 for Winnie’s cremation, the Moore family would be sworn to secrecy.

Another Wag incident that took place in January 2021, was caught on a surveillance camera. A Wag dog walker was seen repeatedly kicking and hitting Ollie in Danville, California.

A Wag dog walker was caught on surveillance footage sleeping on the customer’s sofa and browsing through the refrigerator.

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