Wellness Brands Keoni CBD Gummies – BBB Rates An “F”


Wellness Brands Keoni CBD Gummies – BBB Rates An “F”

Keonicbd.com is an e-commerce site that promotes CBD-based products. Keoni CBD Gummy Cubes and Keoni CBD Liquid Capsules utilize hemp derived from American farms, according to the website.

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturer is Wellness Brands, headquartered in Kentucky. The Contact Us page provides the address 1032 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011.

Image: Keonicbd.com

The address is an office building in the Downtown District in Covington.

Image: Google Search

Multiple websites utilize the same address:

  • CovWorx
  • Made By Mavis
  • Kind Catering
  • Delish Dish Catering & Events
  • Bateman Food & Nutrition
  • Kourtney’s Kookies
  • Russo’s Ravioli LLC

Kentucky Business Search

A business search via the Kentucky Secretary of State website validated Wellness Brands LLC. The company registered with the State of Kentucky as a Limited Liability Company “LLC”. The current officers are listed as co-owner Brent Garr and Andrew Van Dyk.

Image: Kentucky Secretary of State

Domain Information

The website was registered on March 19, 2020. The registrant information is withheld from the public.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

The BBB filing for Wellness Brands shows a 1-star customer review rating, earning an “F” rating. The company has 6 customer complaints, regarding delivery, refund, and subscription issues. A BBB complaint filed on September 10, 2021, claimed Wellness Brands shipped an order after subscription cancellation was acknowledged.

Image: BBB

A complaint filed on June 4, 2021, claimed the company refused to refund after the order was returned. The BBB complaint was never resolved.

Image: BBB

A complainant filed a BBB complaint on May 26, 2021, claiming the ordering process was “very misleading”.  The complainant claimed to have been charged a restocking fee for returning an “unopened package” to the company, without a refund being issued. The company responded with a full refund, claiming the restocking fee was a “human error”.

Image: BBB
Image: BBB

Another customer claimed to have been charged $150 for a $30-order. The company refunded the full amount of the charges.

Image: BBB

All the BBB complaints are similar to those listed above.

Afterword – Keoni CBD Gummies Scam

Is Keoni CBD Gummies a scam? There is no evidence to support scam claims. Wellness Brands is registered as an LLC in Kentucky. The “F” BBB rating says a lot about the company’s business practices. It is easy to ignore one BBB complaint, but multiple complaints, regarding the same issues.

The company resolved most of the BBB complaints, issuing full refunds to each complainant. The company’s response to unauthorized charges related to a restocking fee was a bit strange. The complainant claimed to have returned an unopened package to Wellness Brands and was charged a restocking fee. The charge was applied to the customer’s credit card instead of deducting the amount from the refund. A refund was never issued after the return was processed. The company issues a refund, following the BBB complaint and claimed the restocking fee credit card charge was a “human error”.

We do not recommend enrolling in a recurring subscription program before sampling Keoni CBD Gummies or any other unofficial brand. There is no evidence of third-party testing. The company does not provide results of the testing or the testing firm. Request this information prior to placing an order with Wellness Brands.

Various online vendors utilize the same address as Wellness Brands. There should be a suite or apartment number to make the address unit.

4 thoughts on “Wellness Brands Keoni CBD Gummies – BBB Rates An “F”

  1. I ordered CBD gummies once. I have received more orders that I did not ask for. I have tried to reach them by phone which appears to be out of order. I have started a complaint with my Missouri Attorney General.

  2. You have sent me a package of your Gummies I did not order. I made an order and there was no agreement that you should send me other Gummies without my request. You have no right to keep information of my credit card and use it to send me packages I do not request. This is bad business. I am returning your package forthwith and inform American Express.

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