Williston Force Portable Air Conditioner – Worth it Or Not?


Willistonforce.com was registered on July 6, 2020, to someone or entity claiming to be based in Seattle, Washington. The website offers two versions of the Williston Force Mini Cooler. Both are being sold for $89.99 per unit, $179.98 for two units, and $202.48 for three units.

Image: Williston Force

The smaller oval-shaped unit is being sold on AliExpress for approximately $55.00 and Alibaba for $12.50 with an additional $35.48 for shipping. The larger square-shaped unit is being sold on Alibaba for $11.90 per unit. But, the buyer must pay Express HKDHL shipping which is $35.48, increasing the total to $47.38 per unit. So, you could save money with either of these purchases.

Image: Williston Force

All of the units are labeled with unique brands. So, it is obvious Williston Force did not produce the mini AC units on its website. Vendors on AliExpress and Alibaba are rebranding the products, so they can sell them as their own. It is unclear if the vendors are going through the proper rebranding channels. This can also be said for Williston Force.

Image: Alibab

Both units are also being sold on Amazon for $49.99. Williston Force claims to offer consumers a 50% discount if you believe it.

Potentially Fake Reviews

The website already has a few 5-star reviews even though the domain was registered only 33 days ago. This may be enough time to sell a couple of units but in all actuality, these are probably fake reviews.

Image: AliExpress

The website also utilizes the bogus Sales Pop plugin. A message with a new buyer pops up every couple of seconds. This is a fairly new website with tons of competition, so it is impossible to fathom it is selling so many units in such a short period of time.

Contact Us

The Contact Us page shows the company address to be 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. A Google search shows the address being utilized by “lots” of other websites as well. So, this is definitely not an original address.

Image: Alibab

The same thing goes for the Contact Us phone number (844) 847-0613. The area code 844 covers most of the major cities in Illinois. A Google search shows the phone to be connected to various scam schemes.

Return Policy

The website does not have a return policy. It wouldn’t matter anyway because there would be no possible way to return an item to Hong Kong. The shipping would be outrageous, probably more than the a/c unit is worth. And, this is not to mention the fact Williston Force is not a genuine company.

Image: WhoIs

Spare yourself the grief of making a bad investment. If you want to test one of these mini air conditioners, buy from a reputable vendor. Amazon and eBay at least would step in if the seller did not follow through with the purchase.

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