Zenger Club – Peddle As Fast As You Can In The Opposite Direction


Zenger Club is an online website that claims to specialize in Schwinn bikes. The store has a decent selection of bikes, all of which are discounted by nearly a third. This all sounds great but is it legit?

Significant Price Variance

How is it possible for Zenger Club to make a profit selling Schwinn bikes at significantly lower prices? First of all, no company, entity, or website is going to take a monetary loss just to make a customer happy. There are two options here, one the bikes are knockoffs and two, the website is a scam

Image: Zenger Club Website

There are hundreds if not thousands of bikes for sale on Alibaba and AliExpress. After searching for what seemed like an eternity, Nayzayerz could not find the Schwinn High Timber Step-Thru 24 Mountain Bike. However, there were a few that came very close to being this bike.

The Zenger Club sale price is $89.75 compared to the retail price of $279.99.

Schwinn Retail Partners

The best way to protect your investment when shopping on unknown websites is to conduct thorough research. Schwinn offers its products at a discount to authorized retailers, like Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, Amazon, and Academy Sports + Outdoors. There is no mention of Zenger Club being an authorized Schwinn retailer.

Amazon does not have this particular bike in stock. But, it is available through a third-party for a whopping $570.99. This price is just $291 higher than the retail price. The same Amazon third-party seller who offers other brand-name products for huge markups.

Image: Amazon Marketplace

Companies dealing with Amazon take major hits because of the many replicas passing under the radar. When a company sells on Amazon, all of their products are lumped together and reviewed as one. Replicas being sold as genuine are also included in the same reviews.

Zenger Club Scam

In the About Us page, Zenger Club claims to be an authorized seller. This website content is written word-for-word like that of the Aviafun Store. Both websites are utilizing the same exact support email (service@schwinnbikes.com), telephone number (213) 696-6819, and address (C1903 G.C. Road Los Angeles, California.

This looks like a scam, smells like a scam, and it is a scam.

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