Zazzle Marketplace – Scam Or Legit?

0 is an online platform that allows consumers to customize their own products. Zazzle turns your designs into real products.

About Zazzle

The Zazzle marketplace is similar to the Etsy and eBay marketplaces. Zazzle members can utilize the platform to promote their products. Zazzle has over 50 million customers, according to the official website.

Zazzle is registered as a Foreign Corporation in Nevada.

Image: Nevada SilverFlume

Not Accredited By BBB

Zazzle is not BBB-accredited. However, it does have a BBB business filing that provides the address 811 Sandhill Road, Reno, NV 89521. The address is legitimate, according to Google Maps.

Image: BBB

Customers have rated Zazzle a 1.82-star and BBB an “A- “. The customer reviews are regarding shipping delays, non-deliveries, false advertising, late deliveries, missing components, poor customer service, no replacements for lost orders, low-quality products, high shipping fees, unauthorized membership fees, customers responsible for return shipping, and political correctness.

Image: BBB

An interesting customer review states Zazzle refused to customize an NYPD Blue Lives Matter US Flag Keychain even though they promoted it via their website. Zazzle refused to personalize the keychain to avoid offending Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter violates the Zazzle guidelines, but the company promoted the product on its website. The company now offers an alternative, Thin Blue Line personalized keychain. What is the difference between these two logos? They both support police officers.

Image: BBB

The company also refuses to produce personalized Dogs Lives Matter products because they violate its Black Lives Matter terms.

Image: BBB

BBB Zazzle Alert

BBB has issued an alert for Zazzle, regarding a high volume of online complaints. Zazzle has a history of enrolling customers in its “Black Membership” program without authorization, according to BBB complaints.

Image: BBB

The company has dozens of complaints associated with shipping issues. Tracking numbers are issued, but orders are not shipped.

Image: BBB

Afterword – Zazzle Scam

Is Zazzle a scam? In my own opinion, companies should not be involved in political movements. The company has a history of promoting products that do not meet its guidelines. When customers purchase the products, they cancel their orders. Is this a deceptive ploy to draw consumers to their website?

Be cautious when shopping at Zazzle. The company has a long history of enrolling customers in its “Black Membership” program without authorization. Most of the BBB complaints are related to this issue, along with non-deliveries.

Zazzle promotes officially branded products, but when customers purchase the items, their orders are canceled. One example is a Savannah State University t-shirt. The customer claims Zazzle refused to produce the t-shirt because the customized logo violated copyright laws. Why promote merchandise with trademark logos? Is this another way to draw consumers to its online marketplace?

Customer reviews posted on Trustpilot are very similar to the BBB customer reviews. Non-deliverable orders, poor customer support, poor-quality merchandise, unauthorized membership fees, and explained return shipping fees are just the name a few.

Please read BBB reviews and complaints before shopping at Zazzle.

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