Zolucky Noracora – Alibaba Dropshipper Upcharges By 150%

Noracora.com is an e-commerce fashion website. The Noracora collection includes dresses, pants, jackets, footwear, t-shirts, jewelry, shorts, handbags belts, swimwear, bedding, and lingerie.

About Noracora

The Contact Us page provides the physical address 12 Galahad Road, Bromley, England BR1 5DT. A Google Maps search connects the address to a residential community. This is not a commercial property, just a flat.

Alibaba Replicas

The Noracora collection is a replica of Alibaba. One example is the Noracora Sleeveless Striped Dress, which is priced at $12.47. The Alibaba Fashion Women’s Beach Dress is priced at $4.89.

Noracora Zolucky Dress
Image: Noracora.com
Alibaba Noracora Zolucky
Image: Alibaba

Another example is the Noracora Women Casual Leather Booties priced at $33.09. The Alibaba replica is priced at $6.90.

Noracora Zolucky
Image: Noracora.com
Alibaba Noracora Zolucky
Image: Alibaba

Domain Information

Noracora.com was registered on October 19, 2014, according to WhoIs.

Noracora Zolucky
Image: WhoIs


Noracora and Zolucky are operated by the same individual(s). Zolucky has a 1.04-star customer BBB rating and an “F” BBB rating. DO NOT BUY!

Zolucky Noracora scam
Image: BBB

Noracora Ripoff Report

Noracora has boatloads of Ripoff Report complaints. Most of the complaints are regarding non-deliveries, unfulfilled orders, international return shipping, poor customer service, and difficult returns.

Noracora Zolucky
Image: Ripoff Report

Noracora Scam

Is Noracora a scam? Yes, the website is a scam, according to dozens of Ripoff Report and BBB customer complaints. It is crucial to conduct thorough research when shopping online.

Noracora is an Alibaba dropshipper or AliExpress dropshipper, probably the latter. The vendor upcharges Alibaba prices by up to 150% in some cases. According to a BBB complaint, Noracora penalizes returns by charging international shipping. This is a very common practice among Alibaba dropshippers. The high international shipping is to deter customers from returning their items. The shipping fees are sometimes higher than the initial price of the products, then there is no guarantee Noracora will issue a refund after the return is delivered.


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