Haarko Knife – AliEpress Dropshipper Earns 600% Markup


Haarko Knife – AliEpress Dropshipper Earn 600% Markup

Haarko.com is an e-commerce site that promotes the Haarko Japanese Style Kitchen Knife.

About Haarko

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page does not provide a physical address, only a phone number, (202) 951-9992.

Image: Haarko.com
Image: BBB

Not Accredited By BBB

BBB does not accredit Haarko. However, there is a BBB filing for Haarko. The BBB filing provides the address, PO Box 788, Cheektowaga, NY 14225. A Google search connects the address to Gavvia, a dietary supplement vendor.

Image: BBB

BBB has yet to rate Haarko, which has one customer complaint, regarding unauthorized credit card charges.

Image: BBB

Haarko Return Policy

The Return Policy shows Haarko Japanese Knife poses a 15 percent restocking penalty for returns. In addition to the 15 percent restocking fee, shipping fees are not reimbursed to the customer.

Haarko requires all returns to be shipped to Lithuania in Northern Europe, according to a BBB complaint. The customer claims return shipping from America to Lithuania would be $149.

All damaged packages must be returned to Haarko. Returns due to a wrong address, custom issues, and unclaimed orders will result in a 15 percent restocking fee and an additional $10 shipping fee.

Alibaba Replica

The Haarko Japanese Knife is an Alibaba replica priced at $45.95 plus $9.95 for shipping. The Alibaba Steel Butcher Knife is priced at $5.81. The same knife is available through various third-party Amazon sellers for prices ranging between $25.49 and $29.99.

Image: Haarko.com
Image: Amazon
Image: Alibaba

Haarko Trustpilot Rating

Haarko has a 4.3-star Trustpilot rating, with 12 percent being 1-star. A customer review posted on December 6, 2021, claims Haarko imposed an additional expense for money adjustment. A review posted on September 24, 2021, claims to have made a purchase and never received the order.

Image: Trustpilot
Image: Trustpilot

Afterword – Haarko Knife Scam

Is Haarko Knife a scam? There is no evidence to validate Haarko as a scam. It is impossible to do a business search without a physical address. According to a BBB complaint, Haarko may be located in Lithuania. If this is the case, Haarko is an international vendor. This could complicate returns. If the return does not fall within Haarko’s Return Policy, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost, which is more than $100.

Haarko knives are not unique, as they are sold through various Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon sellers. Unfortunately, Haarko prices are significantly higher than all other vendors. It is likely, Haarko is an AliExpress/Alibaba dropshipper that is marking up the original price to score a much higher profit.

If Haarko is only paying $5.81 for an Alibaba replica, it is profiting $40, plus an additional $9.95 for shipping fees. Dropshippers are not involved in the shipping process, just the payment processing. Alibaba, Amazon, or AliExpress is responsible for the shipping. So, why charge consumers an additional $10 for shipping?

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