Alpha Heater – Do Not Buy Until You Read This!

Alpha Heater is a miniature, portable heater. The manufacturer claims the heater can generate heat on two power modes – 600watt and 1200watt.

Domain Information was registered on December 18, 2020. The website utilizes the domain, which was registered on October 6, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page utilizes the phone number (866) 895-6759. A Google search shows the phone number is also utilized by Reichdrill.

Image: Google search results

The website also utilizes the address 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083. Google and BBB show the address belongs to American Cargo Express.

Not BBB-Accredited

The website is not registered or accredited by BBB. Here is another product featured on an AP News press release. Many unofficial websites rely on AP News press releases to legitimize their products. Unaware consumers see the press release and that is all she wrote.

Sales Popup Plugin

The website utilizes a sales popup plugin to entice visitors to make an investment. Every few seconds a new customer appears on the screen.

Not A New Jersey Business – Made In The USA Claim

A business search via the New Jersey Portal did not render results for the website or brand. The vendor claims the heater is manufactured by an American-based company.



The same heater is sold on the Walmart Marketplace under the brand VersionTECH. The Alpha Heater is priced at $84.99 with free shipping. Alibaba and EliExpress have very similar heater models ranging between $4.31 and $40.

Image: Walmart

Afterword – Alpha Heater Scam

The website claims it is an “American Owned” company. There is no evidence to back up this claim. A New Jersey Portal business search rendered no results for the brand. These unofficial websites are dropshipping from Alibaba and AliExpress, driving up the initial price tag by $50 or more. They are rebranding the products to make them “their own.” This website is no better than the fraudulent Blaux HeatCore, which is operated by Quality Performance and Able Look Online.

It is a federal offense to make such a claim. These Chinese-made products are not even assembled in the United States. It is a scam enticing American consumers to invest.


There is no way to justify the $84.99-price tag when Alibaba, AliExpress, and Amazon sell similar models for no more than $27 each.

Nayzayerz cannot factually say the Alpha Heater does or does not work. However, it is highly unlikely since they are made in China like the Blaux AC, which we purchased to test. The miniature footprint does not leave a lot of room for the much-needed components to generate heat.

Many American consumers are down on their luck right now, as millions are unemployed due to COVID-19 regulations. These scam artists are peddling Chinese-made products that turn out to be nothing more than a pile of scrap. It would be nice to have a miniature heater that would keep even a small room warm without driving up our electric bill. But, the Alpha Heater is not it.

We just recently made a similar purchase through eBay. We purchased several items, all of which were from different vendors. They arrived 17 days after the initial purchase. And, all were shipped right from the California-based warehouse belonging to Alibaba/AliExpress.

There is not one government entity that is willing to step up to the plate to bring awareness to these international scams. We are alone in this fight people.

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